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The Harbour Centre, a Plymouth charity which works across the South West to initiate and aid the recovery of people struggling with substance abuse, is looking for a new trustee to help it deliver its ambitious goals.

The organisation, a partner of Livewell Southwest, offers help and support to rehabilitate and help anybody, from the young to the elderly, to fight their substance abuse, and provide health and social care in relation to substance abuse as well as offering individuals a safe place to make positive changes and the next steps in their life.

Harbour’s focus is:

  • Giving community based treatment as a means to recover people from their misuse of substances
  • Offering support and advice to prevent harm and future misuse
  • Caring for the families and loved ones during the recovery process with support and plenty of information

Livewell Southwest works closely with Harbour. Its detoxification team of specialist nurses based at the centre offers assessment, phlebotomy, management and treatment including medically assisted community detoxification of adults with drug and alcohol misuse. The nurses also provide advice on alternative coping mechanisms, relapse prevention, sleep hygiene and the importance of healthy eating for a person using substances.

Harbour’s chief executive Rebecca Cheshire said: “To deliver on our vision where every person is empowered to make positive changes and live a healthy, fulfilling life we are looking to complement our existing Trustee Board with expertise, skill and diversity that will help us reach our ambitious plans.

“We are keen to ensure our Board is truly representative of our wider community and would welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds.

“Being a Harbour Trustee offers successful candidates the opportunity to become part of a charity that is having a positive impact and making a tangible difference to people lives.”

Find out more about Harbour and the role of its trustees, as well as information about how to apply here

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