Mount Gould Hospital and Local Care Centre

Mount Gould is a multi building site from which many services operate, as well as being home to our Headquarters.


Where To Find Us


Mount Gould Local Care Centre
200 Mount Gould Road



Local Care Centre reception: 01752 434700
Switchboard enquiries: 01752 268011 


Visitors' Guide

Download your Mount Gould Hospital Visitors' Guide here.


Getting There


The area of Mount Gould is within easy bus and walking distance from Plymouth City Centre and is also accessible from the Embankment Road turn-off, if coming in via the A38.


Mount Gould is accessed by the buses 4S (Citybus), 5 (First), and 23/24 (Citybus). Full details of all buses, along with their timetables, can be found in the Plymouth Transport Guide as produced by Plymouth City Council.


There are parking facilities both within the Mount Gould Hospital site and the Local Care Centre. Parking is free to all patients and visitors.

Site Map

To find out where you're going on the Mount Gould site, a site map is available here.


Disabled Access



Livewell Southwest's sites have been assessed by Disabled Go, who provide information via their website on our accessibility. To view the information for the Local Care Centre site please click here.

Please note that there are many different buildings on the Mount Gould site. To view all information for the various buildings on this site, please click here.