Absent Without Leave (AWOL) & Missing Inpatients v2
Acceptance of Gifts/Hospitality Policy (Incorporating Declarations of Interest) v1:2
Acupuncture Policy for Physiotherapists v2:8
Acute Care at Home Intravenous Medication Policy & Protocols v1.1
Acute Care at Home Service Operational Policy v1
Acute GP Service Operational policy v1
Adoption Leave & Pay Policy v1:1
Adult Enteral Tube Feeding Guidelines v1:8
Adult Place of Safety v5:2
Adult Protection/Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy & Procedures
Adult Psychiatric Liaison Service Operational Policy v2
Advance Statement/Wishes Booklet
Alcohol - Strategic Plan for Plymouth 2013-2018 (Multi-Agency document)
Allegations Made Against Staff in Respect of Children & Young People Procedure v2
Anaphylaxis (Management of Severe) Protocol v3:3
Anticoagulation: Policy for the Safe Prescribing, Dispensing & Administration of Oral & Parenteral Anticoagulants v2
Antimicrobial Treatment Guidelines v5
Appointment to the Associate Specialist Grade and Re-Grading from Specialty Doctor v1
Appraisal & Line Management Policy v3:4
Asbestos Policy v1:3
Aseptic Technique and Wound Cleansing Policy v3:4
Assertive Outreach Service Operational Policy v3
Audiovisual Recordings v3:1
Audit Policy (Clinical) v3:4
Bad Debt Policy v1:6
Bariatric Care Guidance v1:4
Basic Foot Care Protocol for Patients in Hospital & the Community v2:2
Blood Borne Viruses (incorporated into Inoculation Incidents Standard Operating Procedure) v2:1
Blood Transfusion Policy & Procedure v1:6
British Sign Language Interpretation Guideline v1
Bullying & Harassment v2:5
Business Continuity & Major Incident Plan v6:3
CAMHS (Community) Operational Policy v1:1
CAMHS (Complex) Operational Policy v1:2
Cardiac Rehabilitation Operational Policy v1:1
Care & Transfer of Adult Patients with Mental Health Needs v1:1
Care of the Deceased Patient v4:1
Care Programme Approach (CPA) Policy v1:4
Career Break Policy v2
Caseload Discussion & Review CMHT (and CAMHS appendix) v1:4
Cash & Cheque Handling Procedures v2:1
Child Protection Supervision v1:3
Children in Care (Looked After) Guidelines for Review Health Assessments v1:5
Children Visiting Inpatient & Residential Units v1:4
Chlamydia Treatment Through the Plymouth Chlamydia Screening Programme v3:1
Clinical and Social Risk Assessment and Management Policy v2:3
Clinical Neuropsychology Operational Policy v1.1
Clostridium Difficile Policy v3:8
Clozapine Policy for Mental Health & GP Staff v3
Communication Systems Policy: Usage and Equipment v1:4
Community Cardiac Service Exercise & Physical Activity Operating Procedure v2
Community Contraception & Sexual Health Service Policy v2:1
Community Heart Failure Services Operational Policy v1
Community Learning Disabilities Team Operational Policy v1:2
Community Mental Health Teams Operational Policy v1.1
Community Respiratory Services Operational Policy v2
Competency Guidance & Template v1:3
Compliments, Concerns & Complaints v9:7
Condom Supply Policy v2:8
Confined Spaces Policy For Estates v1:3
Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care Within Plymouth Community Dental Services v2
Consent to Treatment v3:4
Continence Service Operational Policy v3:1
Continuing Healthcare NHS Disputes Resolution Procedure v2
Control of Contractors (Estates) Policy v1:3
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) v2:6
Controlled Drugs Policy & Standard Operating Procedures for Wards & Depts v2:1
Corporate Induction & Mandatory Training v2:1
Cotehele Unit Operational Policy v1:3
Counter Fraud Policy & Guidance v2
Covert Administration of Medication Policy v2:1
Crime & Disorder Information Exchange Protocol (Devon & Cornwall Partnership) v2
Cycle to Work Scheme Guidance
Cystic Fibrosis (Infection Control Guidelines for Patients With) v2
Data Protection, Confidentiality, Caldicott & Safe Haven Policy v1:2
Decontamination (Cleaning & Disinfection) Guidelines & Procedures v1:7
Delegation to Band 3 and 4 Nursing Unregistered Support Workers v1
Depot Antipsychotic Medication v5:1
Development & Ratification of Patient Group Directions v3:7
Diagnostic (Clinical) Tests & Screening Framework v1:1
Diarrhoea (Management of an Outbreak, including Diarrhoea & Vomiting, in a Clinical Area) v1:1
Discharge & Transfer of Patients from Hospital v2:1
Discharge to Assess Pathways Operational Procedure v1
Disciplinary Policy v5.8
Disclosure of Health Records, Giving Statements, Reports, Inquests & Court Proceedings v2
Display Screen Equipment Policy & Procedure v2:1
District Nurses Operational Policy v1
Domestic Abuse - Clinical Practice including Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference v1:1
Domestic Abuse Employee Support Policy v3
Domestic Violence Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol v1:2
Dysphagia Policy (Adults) v2
Ear Care Guidance v3:6
Early Supported Discharge Team Operational Policy v1
Early Years Settings (Working in Partnership with) - Health Visiting Service Guidelines v3
Ebola and Haemorrhagic Fevers Guidelines v1:1
Ebola and Management of Hazard Group 4 Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers (DH guidance)
Edgcumbe Unit Operational Policy v1:3
Education, Training & Development Strategy 2014 - 2016 v1:3
Electrical Safety Policy v3:7
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Policy v4:1 (Mental Health only)
Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation and Maintaining Privacy, Dignity and Respect v1:1
Email (Use of) Policy v3:6
Emergency Contraception Policy v2:8
End of Life Policy v4
Equality & Diversity Policy v2:4
Escalation Management and Patient Flow (Operational Pressures Escalation Framework) v1
Estates Control of Contractors Policy v1:3
Estates Working at Height Policy v1:2
Exercise and Physical Activity Operating Procedure - Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Failure Service v1
Expenses Policy (Travel & Subsistence) v2
Falls Prevention & Management for Inpatient, Community & Outpatient Teams v3:1
Family Therapy Viewing Suites Policy v2
Fax (Transferring Personal Identifiable Information by) Policy v2:3
Fire Safety Policy v1:7
First Aid Policy v3:3
Flexible Retirement Policy v1:5
Flexible Working Policy v1:3
Flu - EMIS Flu Referral Form
Flu - Microtest Flu Referral Form
Flu - Blank Immunisation Form
Flu - SystmOne Immunisation Referral Form
Flu - Notification Letter to GPs  

Glenbourne Operational Policy v4
Glycopeptide-Resistant and Vanomycin-Resistant Enterococci v4
Greenfields Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Grievance Policy v3.5
Growth Faltering (Management of) v5
Guidance on the Extension of Victims' Rights Under the Domestic Violence, Crime & Victims Act 2004
Haemorrhagic Fevers Guidelines (Lassa fever, Marburg disease,Ebola and Congo-Crimean haemorrhagic fever) v1:1
Hand Hygiene Policy & Procedure v2:1
Health & Corporate Records Policy v1
Health & Safety Policy v2:8
Healthcare-Associated Infections: The Reporting Mechanism v2:5
Health Visiting 0-5 within Plymouth Operational Policy v2:8
Health Visitor & School Nurse Preceptorship Guidance v2
Home Alcohol Detoxification Policy v1
Honorary Contracts, Visitors Declarations & Contracts for Services v1.5
Hospital Managers Information Policy v1:7 - Mental Health Act 1983, Sections 132, 132A, 133 & 134
Immunisation & Screening for Staff v2
Incident Reporting & Investigation v3:7
Individual Purchased Packages of Care (IPP) Guidance v1
Infant Feeding Policy v2:4
Infection Control Hot Spot Strategy v1:5
Infection Prevention & Control Input into Design, Construction & Renovation Projects v2:6
Infection Prevention & Control Policy v2
Influenza, MERS, SARS: Management of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Respiratory Virus Infections v2
Information Governance Strategy v2:1
Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners Providing Safeguarding Services to Children, Young People, Parents and Carers
Information Technology Security Policy v9:2
Injectable Drug Administration Policy v5.5
Injectable Drugs (Procedures for Administering) v5
Inoculation (Contamination) Incidents Incorporating Blood Borne Virus Standard Operating Procedure v2:3
Internet Acceptable Use v1:3
Interpretation & Translation Policy & Procedure v2:1
Isolation & Management of the Infected Patient v2:4
Job Matching & Evaluation Policy & Procedure v1:2
Job Planning Policy for Senior Medical Staff including Consultants & SAS Doctors v1
No policies
Latex (Management of) Policy v1:6
Learning (Implementation of) from High Level Enquiries v1:3
Leave Medication: Standard Operating Procedure for Supplying from Inpatient/Wards v3
Leave Policy v1:6
Lee Mill Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Legionella Bacteria Control Policy v3
Lester Positive Cardiometabolic Health Resource - 2014 Update
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) v2
Ligatures in Inpatient Settings v1
Linen & Laundry Policy v2
Lithium: Safe Initiation, Prescribing, Dispensing & Monitoring of Lithium Preparations v2:2
Local Anaesthesia in Podiatric Practice v3:3
Locked Door Policy v2:1
Lone Working Policy v2:5
Lower Limb Ulceration (Management of Patients with) v2:6
Maintenance Policy for Estates (including Planned & Preventative) v1:3
Maintaining High Professional Standards v3:3
Major Incident & Business Continuity Plan v6:1
Manual Handling Policy v5:4
MAPPA - Appendix E: MAPPA Referral Form
MAPPA - Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements v1:8
MAPPA including Housing of Sex Offenders Information Sharing Protocol
Maternity Policy v2:2
Media Relations Policy v5
Medical Appraisal Policy v1:1
Medical Devices and Equipment Management v1:3
Medical Gas Policy v3
Medicine Temperature Monitoring & Control for Storage & Transportation v1.1
Medicines Policy v7:2
Memory Assessment, Treatment & Diagnostic Service (including Huntington Disease Service) v2
Mental Capacity Act including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards v1:7
Mental Health & Substance Misuse Treatment Service Complex & Multiple Needs Team Operational Policy v1
Mental Health Act 1983 Leave of Absence Section 17 Policy v1:6
Mental Health Act 1983 Sections 132, 132A, 133 & 134 - Hospital Managers Information Policy v1:7
Mental Health Clustering Booklet - Guidance on Completion v4:2
Mental Health Matters Helpline Protocol v1
Mentorship Standards & Placement Guidance for Learners & Students: Clinical Education v1:1
Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)(Management & Control of) v9:7
Minor Surgery in Podiatric Practice v1:3
Missing Children & Young People Policy & Procedures
Mobile Working Policy (incorporating Working From Home, Remote Working & Hot Desk Arrangements) v1
Mouth Care Assessment Tool
Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) Protocol v1:4
Nasogastric (Adult) & Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Guidelines v1:8
Nearest Relative - Appointment/Displacement Policy v1:2 (Mental Health Act 1983)
NICE Implementation and Assurance Policy v3
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products - supply of to Livewell Southwest employees v1
Noise At Work Policy v1:3
Non Medical Prescribing Policy v3:7
Nurse Coordinator for the Mount Gould site (incorporating clinical support in and out of hours) v5:1
Nurse Led Discharge Protocol v1:3
Nursing Strategy 2016 - 18
Nutrition & Hydration Policy v3
Observation (Supportive) within Mental Health Units v3
Oral Suctioning of Adults in the Community - Standard Operating Procedure v1:1
Organisational Change Policy & Procedure v3
Orthotics Services Operational Policy v1
Out of Hours Acting Down Procedure for Medical Staff v1:2
Out of Hours District Nursing Service, Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon Operational Procedure v1
Outbreak (Management of an Outbreak, including Diarrhoea & Vomiting, in a Clinical Area) v1:3
Pandemic Influenza v1
Parental Leave (Unpaid) Policy v1
Paternity Policy v1.1
Patient Flow and Escalation Management (Operational Pressures Escalation Framework) v1:1
Patient Group Directions Policy (Development & Ratification of) v3:5
Patient Identification Policy incorporating the procedure for Photographing Inpatients v3
Patient Monies & Property Policy v2
Performance Management Policy v3:5
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Protocol for Podiatrists v2:5
Personality Disorder Service Operational Policy v1
Petrol, Oils and Lubricants (POL) policy v1
Pets in Hospital Policy v7:4
Physical Intervention  Policy v2:3
Place of Safety (Adults) Policy v5:2
Place of Safety (PoS) Under 18s (Interim) Suite v2
Plym Bridge House (CAMHS Tier 4) Seclusion Policy v1:2
Podiatry Assessment & Intervention Protocol for Adult Patients with Diabetes v2:3
Policy Guidance & Template v3:3
Potentially Dangerous or Mentally Disordered Persons Information Sharing Protocol
Practice Supervision Policy v4
Preceptorship Guidance v4
Pregnancy Testing Policy v2
Pressure Ulceration (Prevention & Intervention) v4
Prevent Policy v1
Privacy Impact Assessment Policy v1:2
Private Practice Policy v1:2
Probationary Period Policy v1:2
Procurement Agreement between Plymouth Community Healthcare & Joint Trade Union Forum v2:1
Producing Information for Patients & Public v1:11
Professional Registration Policy v1:8
Prosthetics Rehabilitation Services Operational Policy v1
PVL-Associated Staphylococcal Infections (Management & Control of) v2:4
Quality Account 2015/16
Radiation (Ionising Radiations) Safety Policy v1:4
Rapid Tranquillisation for use in Children & Young People Aged 12-18 Years v1:5 (CAMHS)
Rapid Tranquillisation Policy (Adults Aged 18 Years & Over) v3
Recruitment & Selection Policy v1:5
Redeployment Policy v2:5
Redundancy Policy v2
Reference Policy v1
Referral to Treatment & Access Policy v7
Referral to Treatment Rulebook (Community Services) v3
Relationships at Work Policy v1
Research Passport Policy v1:5
Reserve Forces Training & Mobilisation Policy v2:14
Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria (Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL), Kelbsiella, Serratia, Enterobacter, Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae) v2:6
Resuscitation Policy v3:8
Risk Management Strategy v4.3
Roster Policy v1:5
Safe Management & Disposal of Sharps v6:8
Safe Handling & Disposal of Healthcare Waste v3
Safeguarding Adults v2:1
Safeguarding Children v1:5
Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a Belief in Spirit Possession
Salary & Expenses Overpayment Recovery Policy v1
Scabies (Management of) v7:4
School Nursing Team Operational Policy v2:1
Searching of Property or Person Policy Incorporating Police Drug Detection Dogs v1:4
Seclusion Policy v2:5
Section 117 After-Care Policy v3:1
Section 117 Guidance (Supporting Application for Funding & Requirements for Review After Care Under S117) v1
Section 17a Community Treatment Orders (Supervised Community Treatment) v2:4
Section 5(2) Doctors & Approved Clinicians Holding Power (MH&LD) v3:1
Section 5(4) Nurses Holding Power (MH&LD) v1:4
Security Management Policy v4
Self-Administration of Medicine v3:2
Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation (SIRI) Policy v2:4
Service User & Carer Involvement & Engagement Strategy v1:4
Shared Parental Leave (Adoption) Policy v1
Shared Parental Leave (Birth) Policy v1
Sharps (Safe Management & Disposal of) v6:9
Sickness Policy v4:11
Slips, Trips & Falls Policy for Employees v1:6
South West Child Protection Procedures
Specialist Tier 4 NHS Service (Plym Bridge House) for Young People with Mental Health Problems v3:4
Spirometry Competence Protocol v1:1
Sponsorship & Working With Industry Policy v3
Spotty Book: Notes on Infectious Diseases in Schools v3
Strategic Alcohol Plan for Plymouth 2013 - 2018 (Multi-Agency document)
Stress Management Policy v2:1
Substance Misuse - Drug & Alcohol Policy v4
Substance Misuse (including alcohol misuse) Prescribing Policy v3
Supportive Observation within Mental Health Units v3:1
Suicide Prevention Strategy & Action Plan v1:12
Syrena House Recovery Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Syringe Driver Policy v6:2
SystmOne Operational Policy v1
Template for Developing Data Sharing Protocols v1:1
Template for Policy or Procedural Document v2:5
Temporary Staffing Guidance v2:4
Therapy Unit Operational Policy v1
Tobacco Policy v2:10
Tracheostomy Care Guidelines Discharge Process v1:4
Trade Union Recognition Agreement v2:2
Transfer of Adult Patients with Mental Health Needs - Joint Guidance v2:2
Transition Protocol - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services v1:7
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (Prevention of) in Healthcare Setting v3:6
Travel & Subsistence Expense Claims v2
Tuberculosis (Control of) Occupational Health Aspects Policy v3:3
Tuberculosis (Control of) v3:5
Uniform & Dress Code Policy v2.1
Urinary Catheter Policy v4:7
Use of Email Policy v3:6
Ventilation Policy v1:3
Vibration At Work Policy v1:4
Violence & Aggression Management Policy Incorporating the Red / Yellow Card v2:1
Volunteering Policy v2
Waste (Safe Handling & Disposal) Policy & Procedure v3
Water Management Policy v1
What To Do If You're Worried a Child is Being Abused - Advice for Practitioners
When to Suspect Child Maltreatment - NICE Guidance
Whistle-Blowing Policy: How It Can Work For You v3:2
Winter Resilience Plan
Work Experience Placements Protocol v1
Workforce Development Implications of Domestic Abuse & Violence to Staff v2:8
Working At Height (Estates) Policy v1:2
Working Time Regulations v1:1
Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 Guidance
Workplace Reasonable Adjustments Policy v2
No policies
No policies
No policies