Absent Without Leave (AWOL) & Missing Inpatients v2
Acceptance of Gifts/Hospitality Policy (Incorporating Declarations of Interest) v1:2
Acupuncture Policy for Physiotherapists v2:8
Acute Care at Home Intravenous Medication Policy & Protocols v1.1
Acute Care at Home Service Operational Policy v1
Acute GP Service Operational policy v1
Adoption Leave & Pay Policy v1:1
Adult Enteral Tube Feeding Guidelines v1:8
Adult Place of Safety v5:2
Adult Protection/Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy & Procedures
Adult Psychiatric Liaison Service Operational Policy v2
Advance Statement/Wishes Booklet
Alcohol - Strategic Plan for Plymouth 2013-2018 (Multi-Agency document)
Allegations Made Against Staff in Respect of Children & Young People Procedure v2
Anaphylaxis (Management of Severe) Protocol v3:3
Anticoagulation: Policy for the Safe Prescribing, Dispensing & Administration of Oral & Parenteral Anticoagulants v2
Antimicrobial Treatment Guidelines v5
Appointment to the Associate Specialist Grade and Re-Grading from Specialty Doctor v1
Appraisal & Line Management Policy v3:5
Asbestos Policy v1:4
Aseptic Technique and Wound Cleansing Policy v3:4
Assertive Outreach Service Operational Policy v3
Audiovisual Recordings v3:1
Audit Policy (Clinical) v3:4
Bad Debt Policy v1:6
Bariatric Care Guidance v1:4
Basic Foot Care Protocol for Patients in Hospital & the Community v2:3
Blood Borne Viruses (incorporated into Inoculation Incidents Standard Operating Procedure) v2:1
Blood Transfusion Policy & Procedure v1:6
British Sign Language Interpretation Guideline v1
Bullying & Harassment v2:5
Business Continuity & Major Incident Plan v6:3
CAMHS (Community) Operational Policy v1:2
CAMHS (Complex) Operational Policy v1:3
Cardiac Rehabilitation Operational Policy v1:1
Care & Transfer of Adult Patients with Mental Health Needs v1:1
Care of the Deceased Patient v4:1
Care Programme Approach (CPA) Policy v1:4
Career Break Policy v2
Caseload Discussion & Review CMHT (and CAMHS appendix) v1:4
Cash & Cheque Handling Procedures v2:2
Child Protection Supervision v1:3
Children in Care (Looked After) Guidelines for Review Health Assessments v1:5
Children Visiting Inpatient & Residential Units v1:4
Chlamydia Treatment Through the Plymouth Chlamydia Screening Programme v3:1
Clinical and Social Risk Assessment and Management Policy v2:3
Clinical Neuropsychology Operational Policy v1.1
Clostridium Difficile Policy v3:9
Clozapine Policy for Mental Health & GP Staff v3
Communication Systems Policy: Usage and Equipment v1:4
Community Cardiac Service Exercise & Physical Activity Operating Procedure v2
Community Contraception & Sexual Health Service Policy v2:1
Community Heart Failure Services Operational Policy v1
Community Learning Disabilities Team Operational Policy v1:2
Community Mental Health Teams Operational Policy v1.1
Community Recovery Team Operational Policy v1
Community Respiratory Services Operational Policy v2
Competency Guidance & Template v1:3
Compliments, Concerns & Complaints v9:7
Condom Supply Policy v2:8
Confined Spaces Policy For Estates v1:3
Conscious Sedation in the Provision of Dental Care Within Plymouth Community Dental Services v2
Consent to Treatment v3:4
Continence Service Operational Policy v3:1
Continuing Healthcare NHS Disputes Resolution Procedure v2
Control of Contractors (Estates) Policy v1:3
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) v2:6
Controlled Drugs Policy & Standard Operating Procedures for Wards & Depts v2:1
Corporate Induction & Mandatory Training v2:1
Cotehele Unit Operational Policy v1:3
Counter Fraud Policy & Guidance v2
Covert Administration of Medication Policy v2:1
Crime & Disorder Information Exchange Protocol (Devon & Cornwall Partnership) v2
Cycle to Work Scheme Guidance
Cystic Fibrosis (Infection Control Guidelines for Patients With) v2
Data Protection, Confidentiality, Caldicott & Safe Haven Policy v1:2
Decontamination (Cleaning & Disinfection of medical devices and patient care equipment) v1:9
Delegation to Band 3 and 4 Nursing Unregistered Support Workers v1
Depot Antipsychotic Medication v5:1
Detoxification in the Community v1:1
Development & Ratification of Patient Group Directions v3:7
Diagnostic (Clinical) Tests & Screening Framework v1:1
Diarrhoea (Management of an Outbreak, including Diarrhoea & Vomiting, in a Clinical Area) v1:1
Discharge & Transfer of Patients from Hospital v2:1
Discharge to Assess Pathways Operational Procedure v1.1
Disciplinary Policy v5.8
Disclosure of Health Records, Giving Statements, Reports, Inquests & Court Proceedings v2
Display Screen Equipment Policy & Procedure v2:1
District Nurses Operational Policy v1
Domestic Abuse - Clinical Practice including Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference v1:1
Domestic Abuse Employee Support Policy v3
Domestic Violence Multi-Agency Information Sharing Protocol v1:2
Dysphagia Policy (Adults) v2:1
Ear Care Guidance v3:6
Early Supported Discharge Team Operational Policy v1
Ebola and Haemorrhagic Fevers Guidelines v1:1
Ebola and Management of Hazard Group 4 Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers (DH guidance)
Edgcumbe Unit Operational Policy v1:3
Education, Training & Development Strategy 2017 - 2020 v2
Electrical Safety Policy v3:7
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Policy v4:1 (Mental Health only)
Eliminating Mixed Sex Accommodation and Maintaining Privacy, Dignity and Respect v1:1
Email (Use of) Policy v3:6
Emergency Contraception Policy v2:8
End of Life Policy v4
Equality & Diversity Policy v2:4
Escalation Management and Patient Flow (Operational Pressures Escalation Framework) v1
Estates Control of Contractors Policy v1:3
Estates Working at Height Policy v1:2
Exercise and Physical Activity Operating Procedure - Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Failure Service v1
Expenses Policy (Travel & Subsistence) v2
Falls Prevention & Management for Inpatient, Community & Outpatient Teams v3:1
Family Therapy Viewing Suites Policy v2
Fax (Transferring Personal Identifiable Information by) Policy v2:3
Fire Safety Policy v1:7
First Aid Policy v3:3
Flexible Retirement Policy v1:5
Flexible Working Policy v1:5
Flu - EMIS Flu Referral Form
Flu - Microtest Flu Referral Form
Flu - Blank Immunisation Form
Flu - SystmOne Immunisation Referral Form
Flu - Notification Letter to GPs  

Glenbourne Operational Policy v4
Glycopeptide-Resistant and Vanomycin-Resistant Enterococci v4
Greenfields Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Grievance Policy v3.5
Growth Faltering (Management of) v5
Guidance on the Extension of Victims' Rights Under the Domestic Violence, Crime & Victims Act 2004
Haemorrhagic Fevers Guidelines (Lassa fever, Marburg disease,Ebola and Congo-Crimean haemorrhagic fever) v1:1
Hand Hygiene Policy & Procedure v2:1
Health & Corporate Records Policy v1
Health & Safety Policy v2:8
Healthcare-Associated Infections: The Reporting Mechanism v2:5
Health Visiting 0-5 within Plymouth Operational Policy v2:8
Health Visitor & School Nurse Preceptorship Guidance v2
Home Alcohol Detoxification Policy v1
Honorary Contracts, Visitors Declarations & Contracts for Services v1.5
Hospital Managers Information Policy v1:7 - Mental Health Act 1983, Sections 132, 132A, 133 & 134
Immunisation & Screening for Staff v2
Incident Reporting & Investigation v3:7
Individual Purchased Packages of Care (IPP) Guidance v1
Infant Feeding Policy v2:5
Infection Control Hot Spot Strategy v1:5
Infection Prevention & Control Input into Design, Construction & Renovation Projects v2:6
Infection Prevention & Control Policy v2
Influenza, MERS, SARS: Management of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Respiratory Virus Infections v2:1
Information Governance Strategy v2:1
Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners Providing Safeguarding Services to Children, Young People, Parents and Carers
Information Technology Security Policy v9:2
Injectable Drug Administration Policy v6
Injectable Drugs (Procedures for Administering) v5
Inoculation (Contamination) Incidents Incorporating Blood Borne Virus Standard Operating Procedure v2:3
Internet Acceptable Use v1:3
Interpretation & Translation Policy & Procedure v2:1
Isolation & Management of the Infected Patient v2:4
Job Matching & Evaluation Policy & Procedure v1:2
Job Planning Policy for Senior Medical Staff including Consultants & SAS Doctors v1
No policies
Latex (Management of) Policy v1:6
Learning (Implementation of) from High Level Enquiries v1:3
Leave Medication: Standard Operating Procedure for Supplying from Inpatient/Wards v3
Leave Policy v1:6
Lee Mill Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Legionella Bacteria Control Policy v3
Lester Positive Cardiometabolic Health Resource - 2014 Update
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) v2
Ligatures in Inpatient Settings v1
Linen & Laundry Policy v2
Lithium: Safe Initiation, Prescribing, Dispensing & Monitoring of Lithium Preparations v2:2
Local Anaesthesia in Podiatric Practice v3:3
Locked Door Policy v2:1
Lone Working Policy v2:5
Lower Limb Ulceration (Management of Patients with) v2:6
Maintenance Policy for Estates (including Planned & Preventative) v1:3
Maintaining High Professional Standards v3:3
Major Incident & Business Continuity Plan v6:1
Manual Handling Policy v5:4
MAPPA - Appendix E: MAPPA Referral Form
MAPPA - Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements v1:8
MAPPA including Housing of Sex Offenders Information Sharing Protocol
Maternity Policy v2:2
Media Relations Policy v5
Medical Appraisal Policy v1:1
Medical Devices and Equipment Management v1:3
Medical Gas Policy v3
Medicine Temperature Monitoring & Control for Storage & Transportation v1.1
Medicines Policy v7:3
Memory Assessment, Treatment & Diagnostic Service (including Huntington Disease Service) v2
Mental Capacity Act including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards v1:7
Mental Health & Substance Misuse Treatment Service Complex & Multiple Needs Team Operational Policy v1
Mental Health Act 1983 Leave of Absence Section 17 Policy v1:6
Mental Health Act 1983 Sections 132, 132A, 133 & 134 - Hospital Managers Information Policy v1:7
Mental Health Clustering Booklet - Guidance on Completion v4:2
Mental Health Matters Helpline Protocol v1
Mentorship Standards & Placement Guidance for Learners & Students: Clinical Education v1:1
Meticillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)(Management & Control of) v9:7
Minor Surgery in Podiatric Practice v1:3
Missing Children & Young People Policy & Procedures
Mobile Working Policy (incorporating Working From Home, Remote Working & Hot Desk Arrangements) v1:1
Mouth Care Assessment Tool
Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) Protocol v1:4
Nasogastric (Adult) & Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Guidelines v1:8
Nearest Relative - Appointment/Displacement Policy v1:2 (Mental Health Act 1983)
NICE Implementation and Assurance Policy v3
Nicotine Replacement Therapy Products - supply of to Livewell Southwest employees v1
Noise At Work Policy v1:3
Non Medical Prescribing Policy v3:7
Nurse Coordinator for the Mount Gould site (incorporating clinical support in and out of hours) v5:1
Nurse Led Discharge Protocol v1:3
Nursing Strategy 2016 - 18
Nutrition & Hydration Policy v3
Observation (Supportive) within Mental Health Units v3
Oral Suctioning for Adults - Standard Operating Procedure v1:2
Organisational Change Policy & Procedure v3:1
Orthotics Services Operational Policy v1
Out of Hours Acting Down Procedure for Medical Staff v1:2
Out of Hours District Nursing Service, Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon Operational Procedure v1
Outbreak (Management of an Outbreak, including Diarrhoea & Vomiting, in a Clinical Area) v1:3
Pandemic Influenza v1
Parental Leave (Unpaid) Policy v1
Paternity Policy v1.1
Patient Flow and Escalation Management (Operational Pressures Escalation Framework) v1:3
Patient Group Directions Policy (Development & Ratification of) v3:5
Patient Identification Policy incorporating the procedure for Photographing Inpatients v3
Patient Monies & Property Policy v2
Performance Management Policy v3:5
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Protocol for Podiatrists v2:5
Personality Disorder Service Operational Policy v1
Petrol, Oils and Lubricants (POL) policy v1
Pets in Hospital Policy v7:4
Physical Intervention  Policy v2:6
Place of Safety (Adults) Policy v5:2
Place of Safety (PoS) Under 18s (Interim) Suite v2
Plym Bridge House (CAMHS Tier 4) Seclusion Policy v1:2
Podiatry Assessment & Intervention Protocol for Adult Patients with Diabetes v2:3
Policy Guidance & Template v3:3
Potentially Dangerous or Mentally Disordered Persons Information Sharing Protocol
Practice Supervision Policy v4
Preceptorship Guidance v4
Pregnancy Testing Policy v2
Pressure Ulceration (Prevention & Intervention) v4
Prevent Policy v1
Privacy Impact Assessment Policy v1:2
Private Practice Policy v1:2
Probationary Period Policy v1:3
Procurement Agreement between Plymouth Community Healthcare & Joint Trade Union Forum v2:1
Producing Information for Patients & Public v1:11
Professional Registration Policy v1:8
Prosthetics Rehabilitation Services Operational Policy v1
PVL-Associated Staphylococcal Infections (Management & Control of) v2:4
Quality Account 2015/16
Radiation (Ionising Radiations) Safety Policy v1:4
Raising Concerns & Speaking Up: Whistleblowing Policy v3:3
Rapid Tranquillisation for use in Children & Young People Aged Under 18 Years v2 (CAMHS)
Rapid Tranquillisation Policy (Adults Aged 18 Years & Over) v3
Recruitment & Selection Policy v1:7
Redeployment Policy v2:7
Redundancy Policy v2:2
Reference Policy v1
Referral to Treatment & Access Policy v7
Referral to Treatment Rulebook (Community Services) v3
Relationships at Work Policy v1
Research Passport Policy v1:5
Reserve Forces Training & Mobilisation Policy v2:14
Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria (Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL), Kelbsiella, Serratia, Enterobacter, Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae) v2:6
Resuscitation Policy v3:8
Risk Management Strategy v4.3
Robin Community Assessment Hub Operational Policy v1
Roster Policy v1:5
Safe Management & Disposal of Sharps v6:8
Safe Handling & Disposal of Healthcare Waste v3
Safeguarding Adults v2:1
Safeguarding Children v1:6
Safeguarding Children from Abuse Linked to a Belief in Spirit Possession
Salary & Expenses Overpayment Recovery Policy v1
Scabies (Management of) v7:4
School Nursing Team Operational Policy v2:1
Searching of Property or Person Policy Incorporating Police Drug Detection Dogs v1:4
Seclusion Policy v2:5
Section 117 After-Care Policy v3:1
Section 117 Guidance (Supporting Application for Funding & Requirements for Review After Care Under S117) v1
Section 17a Community Treatment Orders (Supervised Community Treatment) v2:5
Section 5(2) Doctors & Approved Clinicians Holding Power (MH&LD) v3:1
Section 5(4) Nurses Holding Power (MH&LD) v1:4
Security Management Policy v4
Self-Administration of Medicine v3:2
Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation (SIRI) Policy v2:5
Service User & Carer Involvement & Engagement Strategy v1:4
Shared Parental Leave (Adoption) Policy v1
Shared Parental Leave (Birth) Policy v1
Sharps (Safe Management & Disposal of) v6:9
Sickness Policy v4:11
Slips, Trips & Falls Policy for Employees v1:6
South West Child Protection Procedures
Specialist Tier 4 NHS Service (Plym Bridge House) for Young People with Mental Health Problems v3:5
Spirometry Competence Protocol v1:1
Sponsorship & Working With Industry Policy v3
Spotty Book: Notes on Infectious Diseases in Schools and Nurseries
Strategic Alcohol Plan for Plymouth 2013 - 2018 (Multi-Agency document)
Stress Management Policy v2:1
Substance Misuse - Drug & Alcohol Policy v4
Substance Misuse (including alcohol misuse) Prescribing Policy v4
Supervision for Social Workers and Community Care Workers in Adult Social Care v1
Supportive Observation within Mental Health Units v3:1
Suicide Prevention Strategy & Action Plan v1:12
Syrena House Recovery Unit Operational Policy v2:1
Syringe Driver Policy v6:2
SystmOne Operational Policy v1
Template for Developing Data Sharing Protocols v1:1
Template for Policy or Procedural Document v2:5
Temporary Staffing Guidance v2:4
Therapy Unit Operational Policy v1
Tobacco Policy v2:11
Tracheostomy Care Guidelines Discharge Process v1:4
Trade Union Recognition Agreement v3
Transfer of Adult Patients with Mental Health Needs - Joint Guidance v2:2
Transition Protocol - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services v1:7
Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (Prevention of) in Healthcare Setting v3:6
Travel & Subsistence Expense Claims v2
Tuberculosis (Control of) Occupational Health Aspects Policy v3:3
Tuberculosis (Control of) v3:5
Uniform & Dress Code Policy v2.1
Urinary Catheter Policy v4:7
Use of Email Policy v3:6
Ventilation Policy v1:3
Vibration At Work Policy v1:4
Violence & Aggression Management Policy Incorporating the Red / Yellow Card v2:1
Volunteering Policy v2
Waste (Safe Handling & Disposal) Policy & Procedure v3
Water Management Policy v1
What To Do If You're Worried a Child is Being Abused - Advice for Practitioners
When to Suspect Child Maltreatment - NICE Guidance
Whistleblowing Policy: Raising Concerns & Speaking Up v3:3
Winter Resilience Plan
Work Experience Placements Protocol v1
Workforce Development Implications of Domestic Abuse & Violence to Staff v2:8
Working At Height (Estates) Policy v1:2
Working Time Regulations v1:1
Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 Guidance
Workplace Reasonable Adjustments Policy v2
No policies
No policies
No policies