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Below is a collection of feedback received by the most important people to give it to us - you! Livewell Southwest welcomes any comments you have, good or bad, and acts on them wherever possible. Please read what others have to say and if you’d like to give us some feedback of your own please visit the ‘Give us Feedback’ page under ‘Involving You’.

Acute Care @ Home Team

Feeback to service

"All the Acute Care nurses provided an excellent service. They were considerate, knowledgeable, approachable and very sociable yet professional. They clearly explained the procedures and communicated their observations so that I felt very involved in my treatment and understood the processes. I felt that the nurses were interested in my wellbeing and were keen to give me the best possible medical attention. They are all a credit to the NHS.

Had I not been treated at home I would have spent an additional 6 weeks in hospital. Being at home was far more preferable and much easier for my wife as she was able to care for me and did not need to visit me in hospital each day which gave us greater flexibility.

I am very glad that the Acute Care Service exists for patients such as myself and it has been much appreciated."

District Nursing Team

Card to service, August 2017

"With grateful thanks to the Palliative Care team who looked after XX before his death in July. We were completely unprepared as to how to deal with his situation and his suffering. Without the team's compassion, professionalism and support we would never have coped. Thank you so much."

Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, August 2017

"The team are excellent in their work, very efficient, helpful and caring. I felt very well looked after and am fond of each and every one of them. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I have nothing but praise for the Acute Care @ Home Team and would recommend them to anyone who would need treatment at home!"

Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, June 2017

“I sincerely believe this service should be extended, it would greatly benefit the NHS. Most senior citizens have a deep fear of hospitals, they believe once they have to enter a hospital late in life, they will never come out again.

Acute Care allows the individual to be treated with compassion and dignity in familiar surroundings and with loved ones.

The young nurses who have delivered my treatment are excellent advocates. They have shown professionalism, compassion, kindness and respect. Please keep this wonderful opportunity available to all in need.”

Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, June 2017

“The team were the epitome of competence & compassion. I have nothing but praise for the way they faultlessly delivered my treatment every time. Until the end of 2015 I had little to no experience of the NHS or hospitals. Since then however, I have really been through the mill health wise. I genuinely believe that I would not be alive now where it not for the expertise and compassion the staff all have in spades. Up close and personal is the only way you can experience the wonderful work the staff do. Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in my treatment over 2016/17, especially the Acute Care @ Home Team.”

Parkinson's Specialist Nurses

Email to service, June 2017

"Just want to say a huge thank you for seeing my mum last Friday at Mount Gould.

My sister attended as I had to work that morning and she said how lovely and informative you were. Mum also said you were lovely (she doesn't say that about many healthcare professionals!)"


Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, March 2017

“I cannot thank the NHS enough for providing me with this outstanding service (staff were all A*) allowing me to rest and recover at home rather than a hospital bed. The service has been absolutely faultless and more than I ever expected.

Staff were very clean, friendly, professional and organised. I felt very well cared for and as I suffer with chronic anxiety I was worried about having people in my home, but the staff were absolutely fantastic and alleviated any worries I may have had. I will be recommending this service forever. I am beyond grateful for being able to have such amazing home care as I hadn’t slept for 5 days with being in hospital and I was exhausted but thanks to your team, I was allowed home and I have slept so much which has aided a speedy recovery. Again, staff were absolutely amazing and friendly.”

COPD service

Comment on NHS Choices, March 2017

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank a member of staff, part of the COPD Team for all of their help advice and attention whilst l was feeling so very unwell. I was becoming very distressed which was aggravating my breathing problems. After being taken to Derriford A and E, they arranged a home visit from this member of staff, they sorted out all my medication for COPD explained fully how and when the medication should be used. And talked me through my anxieties. After just a few days my condition improved. To this team of wonderful nurses please pass on my sincere thanks for their invaluable services."


Family Nurse Partnership

Feedback to service, February 2017

"I couldn't have done it without Family Nurses help.  Amazing, would recommend to anyone!  Family Nurse has been my best friend and a massive help."


Feedback to service, February 2017

"When I first approached my Podiatrist I was extremely depressed and tearful as I have mobility and multiple joint conditions and difficulties, I was at the point where I felt I was not going to be able to walk for much longer. I attended each session and did exactly as I was advised with basic exercise like going onto tiptoes briefly daily to build strengh, I also was issued with insoles to correct my feet, most importantly my podiatrist reassured me and was very proffessional in their manner, every session my treatment was clearly explained to me. It wasnt easy and took a few months to implement all treatments, although I still have extreme pain I can now perch correctly on my feet and am able to do short bursts of walking far more comfortably than previously. My treatment has helped all my other joints as I was not correctly postured. The treatment I received basically changed my life for the better, Im not cured and never will be but I have seen multiple other depts for my health problems but who knew your feet can cause all sorts of additional problems with your skeleton. I owe so much to the Podiatry dept as I have control back in my life... thankyou."

Minor Injuries Unit

Google review, February 2017

The nurses and other staff are very friendly. The Cumberland Centre is suitable for minor injuries which would otherwise increase the waiting times at Derriford. It's a calmer atmosphere than Derriford. You can also have routine X-Rays scheduled here so that you don't have to brave parking at Derriford.

Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, February 2017

“The team that looked after me were fantastic, so cheerful and caring, nothing too much trouble. Always professional but with a good sense of humour which helps. Bret and the ladies are always welcome to visit for tea and chocolate biscuits. You have the most fantastic staff team you could wish for. Always cheerful, caring, so easy to get on with, any questions or concerns dealt with promptly. Cant praise you enough.”

Out of Hours District Nursing Team

Feedback to service, February 2017

"I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart the nurse and care worker who attended my wife on 20 December and were instrumental in getting her into hospital. You were both fantastic and gave care, consideration and compassion to my wife and I. You were a credit to your profession (you were angels). Thank you very much."

Family Nurse Partnership

Feedback to service, January 2017

Thanks for everything, it's been a pleasure to work with you all.

Acute Care at Home team

Feedback to service, January 2017

"All the nurses gave me excellent care and support.. they were great, very friendly, caring people. All I would like to say is they are very lovely, caring, busy people who no matter what take time to listen as well as do their job. Fantadtic people, great service!”

Acute Care at Home team

Feedback to service, January 2017

"We were both completely at ease with all the nurses who visited us and we had complete confidence in the team – we would feel that any of our friends and family would be completely safe. This experience has made us very aware of the care and compassion and friendliness shown to us both. This has made a difficult situation so easy to deal with and we will miss them all.. with grateful thanks.”

Acute Care at Home team

Feedback to service, December 2016

"The Acute Care Team were excellent from start to finish. This saved me from going into hospital, Sandra and Bret were professional and helpful and saw to my every need. This service is invaluable. I don’t know what I would have done without it. They were all excellent practitioners and made me feel at ease – helping me with IV and pain relief. They were always concerned for my welfare. Worth their weight in gold.”

Acute Care at Home team

Feedback to service, December 2016

"This was a new experience for me. From the first visit I was impressed and reassured by the expertise, patience and good humour of all members of the team. I feel this is an invaluable service, allowing patients to return to their home environment with complete confidence in the Acute Care at Home Team. My wife and I were so impressed and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. We wish the team continuing success for the future”

Robin Community Assessment Hub

Feedback to service, November 2016

“To everyone on the ward, the service my mum and has received today has been exceptional. Everyone has been so kind, and totally attentive to my mum. No amount of money could pay for the compassion she has been shown from every staff member. The doctor involved has treated my mum with empathy and dignity and listened to her voice, which is paramount. He has been reassuring and made all of us feel completely at ease.

The hospital is clean, with clear signage and fantastic infection control and other information clearly visible. In a day and age when we live and work in a blame culture it is vital that the positives are heard.

Thank you to a great team for seeing my mum so quickly and treating her with such respect. A brilliant job, and keep up the good work!”

Family Nurse Partnership

Feedback to service, November 2016

"If my baby ever sort of cried on the bus I’d try and get off the bus as quick as possible so that the other passengers didn’t have to watch me, it was horrible, but now I’m just like well I’m a mum, I’m not no different to anyone else, it don’t come with age, it don’t come with experience, it never comes with anything!  My Family Nurse has been brilliant, on my confidence as well, she’s just amazing. She really is.  Without her I’d be lost."

"I think the Family Nurse Programme has extremely helped me to let me know about stuff. Like learning to know how she’s upset or tired before she bursts out crying and how to calm her down before you can do anything, like knowing she’s hungry before she gets upset about it."

"I think it’s the personal relationship you have with your Family Nurse I think that’s what makes it work but it’s not just about the child it’s about you too."

"Everything I’ve been through, my Family Nurse, she’s always been there to sort of pick me up and tell me the bright side and tell me that everything’s going to be alright and you just know that she’s going to be there.  Even when you feel like you’re not, even when you in the like deepest darkest moment of motherhood she feels like you’re doing an amazing job so yeah she is amazing I love her."

"It’s a lot easier with my Family Nurse around because if I do have any problems I worry about, I see her every couple of weeks so it’s like a regular visit, I can ask her if I’m worried about anything, so it’s a lot easier for me, it gives me peace so I don’t have to worry all the time. And I have her number to ring if I need her to.  Breastfeeding is supposed to be good for your baby and it is bonding and stuff like that but it really does put you off when you’re out and about it makes you not want to feed your baby because you don’t want somebody coming up and shouting at you and telling you this is wrong and stuff like that. It’s really horrible. My Family Nurse helped me through quite a lot of that actually cos I was so nervous of, I didn’t want to go out in case it got to the point where I had to feed him in public. So she was really helpful with stuff like that.  I was able to breastfeed for 3 months with her help."

"My Family Nurse stands by me and she will guide me through until I feel confident to be able take that step, cos I’m always thinking that I don’t do good enough for my baby.  When you’re a young parent and you’re sort of on your own and been through a harsh time like I have, having someone that helps you to make sure that the child walks, not the same path but further than what you could ever walk is like nice to know, FNPs been a lifesaver really."

Family Nurse Partnership

Feedback to service, October 2016

FNP has been really helpful and supportive with my daughter and my personal life.  FNP is an amazing and beneficial service, which I would 100% recommend.

Out of Hours District Nurses

Card to service, September 2016

Please convey our very sincere thanks to Tina and Tracy for attending to my husband. They were wonderful, I truly felt two angels had walked through my door that night. My daughter and I appreciated their very kind and caring manner not only to my husband but rescued us from a great deal of stress.

Thank you so much and God bless you - what a wonderful service.

New Horizons

Feedback to service, August 2016

The group as a whole became a safe for me to explore my feelings. It was extremely helpful to me, one of the best things I have ever done.

My experience has really helped the understanding of myself. Thank you so much. I have felt heard & helped throughout my experience. I felt like I mattered, how I was handling things was considered at all times. I found it very useful & would recommend it.

Every step of my journey has been positive & incredibly helpful.

Family Nurse Partnership

Letter to supervisor, August 2016

I have liked the programme because it has been helpful learning all the different stages of my baby's life.  When my partner was really ill Fay supported and asked about us a lot. I highly recommend FNP to mothers and fathers, the programme gave us lots of ideas of how to plan.


Parkinson's Nurse Specialist

Email from service user, August 2016

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you today and to thank you for your time, and the  way you imparted your obvious vast knowledge and experience to me in such a positive and 'upbeat' way. I entered your office thinking 'it's just another day', and left feeling 'someone does care,' and I felt positive - something I haven't felt for a long time. Thank you so very much.


Managing Irritability & Frustration

Feedback to service, August 2016

Found the course tremendously helpful. Came out of each session feeling positive & confident. Like having hamdouts to refer to.

I was contacted quickly, refered to a tremondously helpful course ran by 2 excellent facilitators. I feel calmer & have progressed. I felt welcomed & listened to, it was a comfortable experience.

Course was well presented & professional but it was quite generalised. Helpful & I have some practical skills to go away and work on.


Family Nurse Partnership

Letter to supervisor, August 2016

The FNP programme has been a great help, support and much fun for our family. It has helped us learn new things about our daughters nutrition, health and safety, how to deal with toddler tantrums and much more. We also had lots of fun educational games to play such as alphabet cards and pairs. We always looked forward to our meetings with our Family Nurse, Fay. We’re always eager to show Fay what new things our daughter can do and Fay was always interested and showed lots of encouragement towards our daughters development. Our daughter especially looked forward to seeing Fay, when she came to our house her face would light up. When I had our little girl I got very ill, Fay was always there for me making sure I was OK and she even told me to go back and see a Dr as she knew I wasn’t right. Fay helped me recover from my illness quicker by getting me back to the Dr. She has helped us in a way which is undescribable through all the hard times and all the good. I can't thank her enough. It has been a tough but amazing journey and we are so sad to be leaving her. Thank you so much, Fay, we will miss you loads. Overall I would certainly recommend the FNP programme, it has been one of the best programmes I have done, it’s great fun and is such a support for teenage parents.


Compassion Focused Therapy

Feedback to service, August 2016

Facilitators were excellent and did a great job of helping the group understand themselves.

I always looked forward to coming to the group & felt I got a lot from it. The therapists were easy to talk to & always responded to my needs with kindness. Very thorough & professional, all sessions interesting & thought provoking. I met some lovely people & hope to stay in touch. Every one was so friendly & thoughtful, the therapists were warm & helpful. The course gave me back my confidence.

Fantastic servce, everything has been well thought out & delivered with consideration & understanding.


Family Nurse Partnership

Card to service, August 2016

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us over the past 2 years.  Thanks for all the advice and support you’ve given us.  You’ve helped us as a family be the best that we can be.  Love from us all.


Robin Community Assessment Hub

Posted to Twitter, July 2016

Thanks very much to everyone at Robin ward for looking after me for over the last couple of days!


Family Nurse Partnership

Feedback to service, June 2016

Always recommend this service - good because, a lot more support and care from Family Nurse.  The length of the programme offers the support I need.  It has been a massive help and a lot of support.  I have struggled a little, and have needed support.  There is always someone to talk with about problems with the baby or with me!


Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, June 2016

I would like to say thank you, to all the nurses who visited me daily from April to June. The kindness, compassion and professionalism shown to me have been superb. Thank you so very much.


Acute Care @ Home Team

Feedback to service, June 2016

Thank you so much for the loving care you gave XX, helping to make a good recovery, we will miss you all.


Parkinson's Nurse Specialist

Email to the service, May 2016

This is just to say a huge thanks to you for giving me so much of your precious time last friday when my husband and I landed up at the wrong place to see Kate, who was injured anyway and could not have seen us!

We really appreciated your kindness and patience in listening to us and found your comments extremely helpful. Hester Randall. 


The Acute Care at Home Team

Letter to the service, May 2016

To all the staff in the Acute Care at Home Team. A BIG thank you for all your care and attention. We think you are all lovely, whether you have visited or spoken to us on the phone.

We think this is a brilliant service and fantastic that it meant Mark didn’t have to go into hospital. Thank you again.


Recovery at Home team

Letter to Herald, April 2016

I have recently had my hip replacement revision at Derriford - my third. The staff on Stannon ward were excellent.

Due to complications I was unable to commence physio before my allotted five days on the ward but a fantastic new system has recently been started called Recovery at Home.

Nurses, physiotherapists, health care assistants and occupational therapists visited me at my daughter's home. The staff were all amazing, caring professionals. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Our National Health Service is amazing and I feel very thankful that there are so many wonderful people willing to go the extra mile.


Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Letter to service, April 2016

On the 2nd February this year I left Derriford Hospital after a double bypass operation. I had enjoyed a week of TLC which left me with boundless admiration for front line health professionals at all levels. It might seem a bizarre comment, but I found the experience very positive.

Since leaving hospital I have been doubly blessed by the follow up from your team!

Sheena has been a wonderful, reassuring support. Her outgoing, energetic, cheerful approach is a tonic in itself. Coupled with professionalism of the highest order, enthusiasm for her work, dedication and attention to detail you have a winning formula!

So please accept my sincere thanks for your excellent service which can never be valued in monetary terms as the "experts" in Westminster need to learn!


Minor Injuries Unit (Cumberland)

Letter to service, April 2016

Thank you for being so caring, helpful and professional. I came to the Cumberland Centre on Friday 8th April following a fall whilst walking my dog. The X-ray revealed a broken right knee cap - no wonder it hurt! Ouch, You sorted me out with a temporary plaster and plenty of humour. That saw me through the weekend and then Derriford operated on the Monday.

I'm still using the walking frame but will return as promised along with a trendy pair of borrowed PJ bottoms! Thanks again.


Acute Care at Home team

Letter to The Herald, April 2016

My big thanks go to St Levans Surgery for their prompt attention by sending my husband to the lead ups to his surgery...When he was discharged he was attended by the "acute care at home" team for six weeks. The nurses are worth their weight in gold, for the care shown to my husband. A massive thank you all concerned.


Minor Injuries Unit

Email to Chief Executive, March 2016

Me and my husband would like to pass on our thanks to the staff at the Cumberland Centre, for taking care of him yesterday and being so efficient and pleasant.

He works on the dockyard and took a nasty blow to the head, his boss rushed him to the Cumberland centre, where a lovely ex RN medic nurse took care of him, checked him thoroughly over and really did ensure he was ok and no serious injury had happened.

He was seen swiftly and wasn’t discharged until they were happy that he would be ok.

Please can our thanks to be passed to the team at Cumberland, and happy to say that he’s taken the nurses advice, and has stayed at home today to make sure he’s ok.


Minor Injuries Unit

Feedback to service, March 2016

I went to MIU on Wednesday morning between meetings with a niggling issue with my arm. I was so impressed by the response. The receptionist had great interpersonal skills, as did the HCA and Nurse Practitioner. I was really impressed by the clinical skills, decision making and offering me choices. I can understand why MIU is so busy, the care was great.


Minor Injuries Unit

Feedback to service, March 2016

"Excellent patient care, nurse friendly and professional."

"Fantastic care, quickly seen. Highly recommend as this was my first time here."

"Very good care and attention with my 3 year old."

"Local, easy access, professional treatment, good quality service."

"Fantastic staff all the way. Top class, thank you!"

"Due to me being nervous, they made me feel calm and kept talking to me. Really lovely nurse."

"I had reservations about coming as I wasn't sure it was appropriate to come into the unit. Having made the decision to come, everyone here has been great and not made me feel uncomfortable. Very kind and professional."

"The treatment advice given was first class, could not have been better."

"Able to be seen on a Bank Holiday. Everyone is friendly and efficient."

"The staff are friendly, professional and polite. The unit is clean and bright. I was seen promptly and felt confident with my treatment. Thank you."

"I was greeted with friendly efficiency, given an estimated time of when I might be seen and was seen earlier than expected. I was treated with the utmost professionalism."

"Early morning Sunday, staff were friendly and efficient and I was seen in 20 minutes. Thank you."

"Staff were excellent. Made my 4 year old son who banged his head feel comfortable and spoke to him in a way he understood."

"Wonderful, expert nurses, saw me promptly. What a super haven of care for an old man in trouble!"



Feedback to service, March 2016

I would like to offer positive feedback for the service provided by Shelley (Phlebotomist). She was friendly and encouraging regarding smoking cessation. This prompted me to make an appointment to see the smoking cessation nurse. I have been smoke free for five weeks now. Shelley took my BP and it is the lowest it has been for years. Thank you.

Bridford Ward (Glenboure Unit)

Feedback to service, February 2016

From T: "Thank you for your patience and support and for helping me on the way to recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

From M: "The night I came in, I was mentally and physically exhausted. Today I left Bridford Ward with a smile on my face and a heart full of gratitude. I have been on Bridford Ward for a month and each and every one of you wonderful diamonds have made my time memorable. Thank you from the moon and back."

From J: "Thank you all so much for all your care and support you gave to my wife. We could not have asked or expected more. You helped so much, getting her on the road to recovery and we are so grateful."

Acute GP Service

Feedback to service, February 2016

Thank you so much! The Acute GP Service do a wonderful job and is the best thing that has ever happened to Derriford. It is so good to be able to speak to a fellow colleague and make sensible plans.

Tavistock Minor Injuries Unit

Email to Communications Team, February 2016

I wish to congratulate the staff at the Minor Injuries Unit of Tavistock Community Hospital on their kindness and prompt treatment of a painful small injury which my husband took to them on Sunday evening at 7.00 p.m.   Tina and Nicky could not have been more helpful.

Wonderful to find that they were working on a Sunday evening and we did not have to go into Derriford or wait until Monday morning to visit the MIU. Many thanks for this wonderful service.

Cardiac & Respiratory service

Letter to service, January 2016

I would just like to say how good a cardiac nurse Anna is. I was very poorly for a long time but Anna knew her job and restored me back to good health. My wife was very glad to see her as it was very trying to see me so ill. But how well I am doing is all down to Anna's skills and patience and pleasant manner.

Family Nurse Partnership

Comment to service, January 2016

I feel this service can help many people looking for advice and guidance, and my Family Nurse is an amazing lady and I would refer her to anybody. Thankyou so much for everything.

Acute GP service (Medical Assessment Unit)

Letter to Herald, January 2016

Two weeks before Christmas on the Thursday my wife saw her GP, who took bloods and examined her. On Monday at 8am we received a phone call: my wife was told she must see her GP that day. An appointment was then made for my wife to be seen at Derriford Hospital at 9am on the Tuesday.

She was met at the Medical Assessment Unit by Geoff, a male nurse. By 10am he had taken bloods, checked her blood pressure, there was an ECG and she had an x-ray. She saw a doctor and then went home. She returned at 1pm for an ultrasound and at 3pm for two further scans.

She then saw the doctor again who reassured us that the serious and life-threatening condition which they had feared had not been found, but a lesser condition had been.

My wife and I say thank you to the staff at Collings Park Surgery and the staff involved at Derriford.

I told a friend in the USA, who says that all that investigation would have cost $10,000. She also asked if the people in the UK knew how lucky we were to have this service. I ask the same question."

Cardiac & Respiratory service

Letter to service, January 2016

On 5th October at Derriford Hospital I had heart surgery, involving a replacement aortic valve and a double by-pass.

I found that the attention given by those involved in my NHS care to be of the utmost efficiency and a truly caring nature. The doctors, nuses and all staff were excellent, particularly the staff at Clearbrook Ward.

On leaving hospital I was somewhat concerned about my care, but there was no need to be. The follow-up by the cardiac nurses was a great help and most reassuring. Sheena was particularly helpful on her visit, and covered any concerns most thoroughly, and I realised that problem solving was only a call away (this arose only once).

The rehabilitation classes at the YMCA have been particularly helpful and the staff very efficient. The enjoyment of these classes has been very reassuring.

I would like to thank all those involved in this most excellent service, and wish you all a very happy New Year.

Cardiac & Respiratory service

Card to service, January 2016

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who helped my husband. In particular my thanks go to Neil, Stacey and Chris who all visited us at various times.

I am very grateful for the care you all gave him and for the reassurance you gave me that he was being well looked after. He sadly passed away in November but remained positive to the end and never lost his sense of humour.