What People Said

Acute Care @ Home team: All the Acute Care nurses provided an excellent service. They were considerate, knowledgeable, approachable and very sociable yet professional. They clearly explained the procedures and communicated their observations so that I felt very involved in my treatment and understood the processes. I felt that the nurses were interested in my wellbeing and were keen to give me the best possible medical attention. They are all a credit to the NHS. Had I not been treated at home I would have spent an additional 6 weeks in hospital. Being at home was far more preferable and much easier for my wife as she was able to care for me and did not need to visit me in hospital each day which gave us greater flexibility. I am very glad that the Acute Care Service exists for patients such as myself and it has been much appreciated.

District Nursing team: With grateful thanks to the Palliative Care team who looked after XX before his death in July. We were completely unprepared as to how to deal with his situation and his suffering. Without the team's compassion, professionalism and support we would never have coped. Thank you so much.

Acute Care @ Home Team: The team are excellent in their work, very efficient, helpful and caring. I felt very well looked after and am fond of each and every one of them. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I have nothing but praise for the Acute Care @ Home Team and would recommend them to anyone who would need treatment at home!

Acute Care @ Home Team: I sincerely believe this service should be extended, it would greatly benefit the NHS. Most senior citizens have a deep fear of hospitals, they believe once they have to enter a hospital late in life, they will never come out again.

Acute Care allows the individual to be treated with compassion and dignity in familiar surroundings and with loved ones.

The young nurses who have delivered my treatment are excellent advocates. They have shown professionalism, compassion, kindness and respect. Please keep this wonderful opportunity available to all in need.