National Apprenticeship Week - Blog by Agnieszka Majdak

14th March 2016

14th - 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeships Week.
As part of this week, we will be featuring a new blog every day from our Health & Social Care Apprentices.

Agnieszka Majdak is a Health and Social Care apprentice working on Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Unit. Here she tells us about her experience.

I started my Health and Social Care apprenticeship in September last year. During two weeks of clinical and theoretical training I visited the ward on which I was going to do my training. This was the Plym Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (PNRU).

PNRU is a 15 bedded ward which provides inpatients rehabilitation service for patients with neurological injury or disease. The ward provides 24 hour care and patients are cared for by doctors, nurses, health care assistants, and therapists like physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

I joined the Health and Social Care apprenticeship scheme with no healthcare experience. Throughout the last few months I have been privileged to work with very experienced and enthusiastic people with one goal: to provide the best possible care.

I have learnt a lot of things from my work colleagues and mentors on the ward, from learning how to take and check blood pressure throughout the shift, how to check patients' safe sugar levels and how to feed patients who have difficulty in swallowing or feeding. I am still learning so many things and every day brings new experiences; another day, another lesson.

I am growing in my confidence each day, have much more clinical knowledge and have completed more competencies. When I think about myself, where I was at the beginning of the course and where I am now, I would say that I have made a huge step. 

I have been pleased to be allocated to PNRU and now feel like I am part of the PNRU team. During this time I have worked with fantastic people who are always happy and willing to share their knowledge and experience, and I am also happy to see the smile on patients' faces when they feel they have improved.


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