National Apprenticeship Week - Blog by Kerry Fahy

15th March 2016

14th - 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeships Week.
As part of this week, we will be featuring a new blog every day from our Health & Social Care Apprentices.

Kerry Fahy is a Health and Social Care Apprentice working on the Greenfields Unit. Here she talks us through her typical day.

I am currently a Health and Social Care Apprentice on the Greenfields Unit, a 9 bedded female mental health recovery unit.

On our unit we have 4 shifts patterns, which are:

Early  7.30am-3.30pm                 Late  11.30am-7.30pm
Long day  7.30am-7.30pm          Nights  7.15pm-7.45am

On an early shift our day would include the following:

7.30am - We meet in the nurse’s office for a handover. This is where staff from the night shift pass over all the information from their shift so we know what has happened throughout the evening. After our handover we will then plan the day and the nurse in charge assigns any relevant tasks to the nursing staff. We then plan the 4 hourly observations. These take place at 11am, 3pm and 7pm throughout the day and night. When we are on observations we ensure all patients are in sight and check that they are safe and free from harm.

At around 8.30am - 9am we will start waking the patients up ready for their medication. Patients will then rise, see to their personal hygiene and get themselves ready for the day as well as having their breakfast. We have some patients who need assistance when doing this, so we will help them with bathing, showering and dressing. Throughout the day we will check the laundry areas and check all washing is being done. We also have a laundry rota, so if a patient is on the rota we will check they have put their laundry in and switched it on.

Every day and afternoon we have therapy groups which include creativity, health and well-being and psychology. These groups run for an hour to an hour and half.

At 12pm patients have their dinner and we ensure everyone has come down to the dining room. Often we will take patients out for activities which include swimming and bowling. If there are any activities our patients would like to do, we try our best to fulfil this. Throughout the day we will fill in food and fluid charts, change the beds and door monitor to ensure no patient leaves the ward without being first assessed as fit. We also take physical observations during the day which includes blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation levels and respiration rate. After taking the observations we will fill in a MUST and MEWS chart.

If we have a patient on arm’s length observation or eye sight observation, we will ensure these have been carried out. We also have patients with infections taking antibiotics, so we ensure enhanced deep cleaning is carried out in their rooms and then write it up on the electronic system within their notes.

As mentioned earlier, during our shift we will log onto SystmOne and update each patient's notes, recording any events or what the patient has been doing on that particular day. SystmOne contains all relevant information for each patient and shows all of their history and preferences.


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