National Apprenticeship Week - Blog by Terri Sparnon

16th March 2016

14th - 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeships Week.
As part of this week, we will be featuring a new blog every day from our Health & Social Care Apprentices

Terri Sparnon is a Health and Social Care Apprentice. Here she tells us about her experience of working on Edgcumbe Acute Assessment Unit as an apprentice.

I am a Health and Social Care apprentice on Edgcumbe ward at Mount Gould Hospital. Edgcumbe is a ten bed mental health ward with male and female patients that have dementia.

Patients come to our ward from care homes if they are in danger, are aggressive or if their family can’t cope anymore. Most of the patients are incontinent so they wear pads due to forgetting their day to day needs and tasks, for example: using the toilet or forgetting they need to go to the toilet, forgetting to wash, dress, eat, drink or even being able to walk.  They can even forget who their loves one are and can get very aggressive towards staff. We are trained to deal with situations like this and you have an alarm with you at all times - as soon as you pull your alarm, staff are there in seconds.

We complete a people observation check daily, taking their blood pressure, pulse, saturation oxygen levels, respirations and temperature. Some patients are on food and fluid charts so we write down how much they have had to eat and drink for the day.

If we have got the patient up in the morning, we write their notes on Systmone which is a database that has all the information about each patient on there. We write what time they got up, how much assistance they needed, their mood and mobility.

Some patients might be on one to one, which means you have to stay with the patient at all times. This is mostly because they are a risk for falls.

There is so much to take in about my job role but I wouldn’t change what I am doing. I love my job - it is so rewarding seeing a patient smile, and their family thanking you for what you are doing for their loved one is the best feeling in the world.


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