National Apprenticeship Week - Blog by Natasha Covel

17th March 2016

14th - 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeships Week.
As part of this week, we will be featuring a new blog every day from our Health & Social Care Apprentices

Natasha Covel is a Health and Social Care Apprentice working in the East District Nursing Team. Here she tells us about a typical day.

When I get into work in the mornings, I go out with my mentor. My mentor asks me to do a few things around the office as she sorts out our visits for the morning.

We then get what we need from the store cupboard or the fdi cupboard and go out into the community to start our day. In the community I go to patient’s houses and do dressing changes, simple dressings like active heals tegaderm foams, adhesive and a lot more. I can also bandage legs.

On a typical patients house we'd knock on the door, then walk in and say 'hello it's the nurses' and then proceed into the house where the patient is waiting for us. We then get out the laptop and see what dressings we need and what wound the patient has, or we carry out pressure checks, etc.

Once we've done all that the patient requires, we go to the bathroom with our hand wash, paper towels and gauze.  We wet gauze to clean wounds or vulnerable areas. Once we are ready we'll get the consent of the patient and then we'll proceed to take the old dressing off, see what the wound looks like and if it still needs what the care plan says it needs, or if we think the dressings should  be changed.

You dispose of the old dressing in a plastic bag that we take out with us. We cleanse the wound and redress it with the appropriate dressing required, then we clean up any rubbish from dressings then we dispose of it in the bin. 

We then carry on to our next patient. 


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