National Apprenticeship Week - Blog by Nick Hadfield

18th March 2016

14th - 18th March 2016 is National Apprenticeships Week.
As part of this week, we will be featuring a new blog every day from our Health & Social Care Apprentices

Nick Hadfield is an Administration Apprentice working in the Finance Department and the Clinical Support Team. Here Nick talks us through a typical day.

I’m Nick Hadfield, a short term Southerner having moved to Plymouth for the position from sunny Merseyside. I’ve been an Apprentice with Livewell Southwest for going on five months now and as of yet, no two days have been the same. So describing the ‘average’ day is more of a feat than it sounds, but I’ll try.

I spend half my time working for the Finance Department, normally updating our budgeting documents with Payroll and Costing information as we receive it. The standard morning involves me heading upstairs in the Local Care Centre (LCC); greeting everyone as I find somewhere to hot desk. I normally end up in the Business Intelligence room, and everyone there has been very welcoming. I’ll then have a brief 5-10 minutes with the Locality Management Accountant I work under, which decides what I will spend the day doing. As standard, I scour & update the Budgeting Records for various Cost Centres, finding and correcting slight errors. Recently I’ve been assigned a larger range of tasks, from preparing reports for the Locality Management Accountant to take to meetings or proofreading his work to check for discrepancies (or sometimes just more effective ways to perform tasks).

For the rest of my time I work over in the Admin building with the Clinical Support Team (CST), which is a smaller team but I’ve got a static desk (which is nice). I mainly help the Coordinator manage and, well, coordinate the Nurses and Healthcare Assistants that make up our staff, booking them out to various wards within Livewell. The tasks here vary a lot more from day to day, from preparing and redesigning data storage methods to organising our staff to go on various training courses, as well as the general busy work that is inherent in managing such a large team of professionals. On a daily basis I also use the eRoster system while I book our staff from ward to ward.

As a joint project between the two teams I work with, I am also in the midst of a Vacancy Report for Sara Mitchell (Deputy Director of Operations). It’s a very big responsibility, and very intimidating from time to time, and given my position I am incredibly flattered just to be a part of it, never mind have such a pivotal position in the work.

Each group has led me to develop in many different ways, but I’ll identify what I feel to be the key things for each:

With the CST it feels like my confidence for interacting with staff has increased a lot; I am much more comfortable talking in a professional manner in person or over the phone. There are occasions when I have to essentially run the office, and that’s an massive responsibility.

With the Finance team I have lots of independence with my work. I’ve become much more comfortable organising my time and managing myself. I have multiple projects on the run at any one time and have to find the optimal way to finish them all. My ability to scrutinise and understand data has increased drastically.

The amount of trust and responsibility that I feel I have been given, and then in turn earned, working for Livewell Southwest is staggering. As an Apprentice I am treated as a fellow colleague and my work is valued. From day one it really felt like I was part of the team which I know is not the case for a lot of workplaces, so I would very much recommend looking for work with us, and I would very much recommend an Apprenticeship.


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