Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust awarded national Workplace Wellbeing Charter

12th April 2017

Livewell Southwest CIC, the community health and social care provider for Plymouth, has awarded Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust with accreditation under the national Workplace Wellbeing Charter in recognition of the commitment the organisation has made to the health and wellbeing of its staff.

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a national scheme from Public Health England which provides employers with the tools and guidance to support their staff to be healthy. An evidence-based scheme, the programme supports organisation to make commitments in eight areas; leadership, absence management, health and safety, mental health, smoking and tobacco use, physical activity, healthy eating and alcohol and substance misuse.

Through the ‘Wellbeing at Work’ scheme, Livewell Southwest CIC supports businesses in Plymouth of all sizes that are interested in improving workplace wellbeing to work towards the Workplace Wellbeing Charter standards and to receive accreditation.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust began its Workplace Wellbeing Charter accreditation in 2015. The trust was already running several wellbeing initiatives for staff and the charter helped the trust to measure the effectiveness of these activities and to identify gaps where improvements could be made.

During the Workplace Wellbeing Charter process the trust has created wellbeing surveys for staff and has committed investment for the Derriford Centre for Health and Wellbeing. This new on-site centre provides a holistic wellbeing offering for staff that includes a fitness and social facility with the occupational health and wellbeing service.

Ann James, Chief Executive at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Gaining accreditation is very welcome news as the Trust takes great pride in the range of support that we offer to our staff in making improvements to their health and wellbeing, both inside and outside of the workplace.”

Steve Waite, Chief Executive at Livewell Southwest CIC said: “Work-related ill health accounts for some 28 million* working days lost a year in Great Britain. By far the biggest cause of this is stress and mental-health issues, followed by musculoskeletal issues. Prevention is the most effective way to reduce sickness absence, improve morale and increase workplace performance.

“In Plymouth, Livewell Southwest is supporting organisations both large and small to work towards Workplace Wellbeing Charter accreditation. Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust have embraced the Charter and are truly putting the health and wellbeing of their staff at the centre of their organisation. This award is clear recognition of the positive way the trust supports its workforce to be healthy.”

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a voluntary scheme open to public, private and community sector organisations of any size. Livewell Southwest CIC can provide free resources and guidance to organisations in Plymouth who want to find out more about the Charter and how they can improve the wellbeing of their workforce. To find out more, click here.