Livewell Southwest joins festival to promote health benefits of arts and creativity

5th October 2017

An award-winning Plymouth arts festival which highlights how creativity and the arts can improve mental health and wellbeing is back for a second year.

Livewell Southwest is a partner in the Festival of Art, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Creativity which runs throughout October and is this year organised by Plymouth University along with a wide range of health and arts organisations across the city.

The festival was the brainchild of the Wellbeing team at Livewell Southwest in conjunction with the Plymouth Mental Health and Wellbeing, Arts and Creativity Forum, and was set up to promote mental health, wellbeing and recovery via cultural and creative arts. The inaugural festival, in 2016, won the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Award for Public Mental Health and Wellbeing.

But for 2017 it has expanded to include activities that promote wider healthy living and wellbeing including a knitting challenge, music making, yoga sessions, garden restoration and beach cleans, craft and reading activities as well social groups for friendly chats and company. 

Jan Potter, head of Health Improvement  at Livewell Southwest, said: “Good health and wellbeing is as much about taking steps to stay healthy and prevent things going wrong, as it is about putting things right in the event they do go wrong.
“The great thing about this festival is that it increases awareness of the important link between arts, creativity and social activity and showcases all sorts of activities and groups that can help to keep people well, mentally and physically.
“By making creative and artistic activity a part of our daily life, we can strengthen and revitalise ourselves, and build up resilience to stress and anxiety.”

Among the initiatives Livewell Southwest is promoting is our walking for health scheme. The group led walks take part in a variety of green spaces around the city and are a great way to get active as well as socialise with likeminded people.

Find out the dates and locations here and on Facebook here

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