Livewell Southwest gets green with Alpha Logic

1st December 2017

Alpha Logic

Determined to dispose of their waste greenly, Livewell Southwest enlisted the help of Alpha Logic, a South West waste management provider, to completely overhaul their waste management.

Since 2013, Alpha Logic’s new waste management system has enabled Livewell Southwest sites across Plymouth to reduce their waste to landfill by 100%! Since taking on the challenge, Alpha Logic has helped increase Livewell Southwest's recycling output by 60 tonnes per annum.

Alpha Logic took over five key areas of recycling for the organisation; confidential waste, clinical waste, general waste, recycling and food waste recycling.
Confidential waste is shredded, baled and recycled into reusable materials, as is the general recycling waste. Clinical waste is sent to the Derriford incinerator. All general waste is collected and sent to the impressive MVV Environment plant in Devonport, which turns it into electricity. Continuing the theme of transforming waste into energy, food waste from Livewell SW’s sites is converted into a renewable energy source at Langage Farm’s anaerobic digestor.

By working with Alpha Logic, Livewell Southwest can now say they divert 100% of their waste away from landfill. To find out more about Alpha Logic, visit