Livewell Southwest Stroke Nursing Team raise awareness of the risk factors

23rd January 2018

On 22 January the Livewell Southwest Stroke Nursing team worked in partnership with the Stroke Association and volunteers to raise awareness of the risk factors of stroke.

The event took place in Drakes Circus shopping centre with 172 blood pressure and pulse checks carried out. Nursing staff provided advice on the FAST campaign in
relation to recognition of stroke.

Representatives from Livewell Southwest’s Wellbeing Team attended, providing advice and support on how to improve and maintain physical and mental health including smoking cessation, increasing physical activity and eating a balanced diet.

Many people think that strokes only happen to older people but stroke can strike anyone at any time. While most people who have a stroke are older, younger people can have strokes too, including children. One in four strokes in the UK happens to people of working age.

You may be at higher risk due to being overweight, having high blood pressure or another health condition, or you may have a family history of stroke.

Livewell Southwest’s Skylark and Stroke Rehabilitation Unit treats patients who need assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, but who do not need to be in an acute hospital. For more information on our Stroke Teams click here.