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by | Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Livewell Southwest believes the best bed, is your own bed, and our acute care at home service is shaped around offering as much care as possible, as close to home as possible.

The acute care at home team can provide treatments that may have been started in hospital, or by your GP, but which allow you to remain at home or return home earlier. The team is made up of staff nurses, sisters, and a manager who all provide community nursing. We are supported by your GP, the acute GP service and your hospital consultants – all working together as a streamlined team to help you to recover quicker, and within your own home.

Although the list of conditions that can be treated at home is growing, not everyone can be treated in this way and there are some exceptions to who would benefit from, or be suitable for, the acute care at home service. People who need a hospital bed, regular medicines or ongoing observation by nursing staff – even throughout the night – may be too poorly to be suited to this service.

Our dedicated nursing staff will hold an initial assessment with you and, if this community nursing service is right for you, you can expect – and be reassured – that you will receive the same quality of care as if you were in hospital. The service is delivered by professional staff with a range of skills, who will explain your treatments to you and seek your agreement on how you want to receive that care. Your health conditions will be regularly monitored during each visit, where you will also have the chance to share and discuss any concerns you have with a medical practitioner.

Everyone’s care needs are different, and the acute care at home service will be tailored to your specific situation. Our aim is to deliver care for as long as the treatment last, and while you are well enough to remain in your own home – or as close to home as possible.



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3rd May 2018

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