Anxiety (Plymouth Options)

by | Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Anxiety (Plymouth Options)

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. You may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or attending a job interview – during times like these, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal. However, some people find it hard to control their worries. Their feelings of anxiety are more constant and can often affect their daily life.

Appropriate for panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, worries, OCD and health anxiety, this anxiety management course introduces the cognitive behavioural therapy model and offers an understanding of what anxiety is, what causes it and how to manage it. The course offers techniques on managing physical symptoms through breathing/relaxation techniques, challenging negative thoughts, managing worries, identifying safety behaviours and avoidance, and communication styles, as well as providing tips on improving sleep and diet.

This course runs weekly and every session lasts for two hours. You can book a place on this course by calling 01752 435419 or emailing [email protected].

The anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) also offers free 1 hour workshops on managing anxiety. To find out more about the workshops and to book your place, click here.


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3rd May 2018