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Counselling (Plymouth Options)

Counselling provides an opportunity to make sense of feelings and experiences and to gain insight. It can offer the chance to gain new strategies and coping skills, and can help work through trauma, including sexual abuse, domestic violence and bullying. Counselling aims to help people make changes towards living more resourceful and rewarding lives.

The anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) recommends counselling for helping people with:

  • depression
  • adjustment to life events, illnesses, disabilities, losses
  • relationship issues
  • issues from earlier in life causing current difficulties
  • difficulties adjusting to changes in their circumstances
  • managing their lives more successfully


The kind of problems that are likely to be helped through this service are:

  • continuing distress following life crises such as separation, divorce, unemployment and redundancy
  • adjustment to physical illness/disability
  • adjustment to life transitions
  • transient or less severe feelings of anxiety/depression/panic
  • stress-related difficulties, e.g. feeling overwhelmed by work or work problems, stress related to being a parent or carer, or related to managing competing demands
  • relationship difficulties
  • feelings of distress and adjustment around loss and bereavement
  • difficulties in coping with the continuing effects of past traumatic events


You can self-refer for counselling through the anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) by calling 01752 435419, emailing [email protected], or by completing this online referral form.


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3rd May 2018

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