Depression (Plymouth Options)

by | Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Depression (Plymouth Options)

Low mood affects lots of us from time to time. Difficult events and situations can leave us feeling down, and sometimes it’s possible to feel low without there being any obvious reason.

This course, provided by the anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) focuses on managing symptoms of low mood, depression, low motivation and low energy, as well as negative or self-critical thoughts. It offers techniques to manage physical symptoms with breathing and relaxation techniques, challenging negative thoughts, managing worries, identifying unhelpful behaviours and avoidance, and communication styles, as well as providing tips for improved sleep and diet.

Each session lasts for two hours and you can book a place on this course by calling 01752 435419 or emailing [email protected].

The anxiety & depression service (Plymouth Options) also offers free 1 hour workshops on managing low mood. To find out more about these workshops and to book your place, please click here.


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8th May 2018