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by | Friday, May 11th, 2018

Kingfisher and Skylark are both 30-bed wards in Mount Gould’s Local Care Centre for people who need assessment, treatment or rehabilitation, but who do not need to be in an acute hospital. You may have had a stay in an acute hospital, but no longer need to be there, or you may be admitted from where you live.

Our aim is to provide effective care, focussed on you, with valuable actions taken every day, to meet your needs after injury or illness and ensure your discharge from hospital. Your bed is the best bed, and we want to support you to return there as soon as possible.

During your stay, our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and social workers will talk with you every day to set expectations for your treatment, ensure these are being met, and involve you in important decisions.

Information for visitors

Kingfisher & Skylark wards operate a flexible visiting policy, although we ask you to please respect mealtimes which take place between 12pm – 1:30pm and 5pm – 6:30pm.

We encourage your family, carers or friends to be part of your rehabilitation process to ensure a smooth discharge from hospital with any support you might need.

To help guard against infection, we ask all visitors to use the hand gel provided before and after visiting. Hand gel dispensers can be found throughout the ward. We also ask that visitors do not sit on beds, if extra chairs are needed please ask a member of staff.

Please note: If visiting on a weekend, please use the Lower Ground Floor entrance.



Kingfisher & Skylark Wards Inpatient Rehabilitation Leaflet
Mount Gould Local Care Centre Inpatient Services


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For general enquiries, or to be directed to a specific service or individual, please contact our switchboard on 01752 435502.

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