Mindfulness (Plymouth Options)

by | Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Mindfulness (Plymouth Options)

Do you find that you are often thinking about the past or thinking about the future?  This is very common, our minds can often be very busy and our minds can get hijacked by our thoughts resulting in never being fully present in the here and now. Our thoughts are also very convincing and can ‘bully’ us in to believing things that are not necessarily true.

The Step 2 Mindfulness course can help people to understand that thoughts are not necessarily facts but merely events in the mind, it supports people in being able to move their attention to a particular object or activity and to notice what their mind is doing when they practice this skill.  It will help people to identify and understand practical mindfulness skills that can be learned and used in many different areas of life.

The course runs over four weeks and can be booked by calling 01752 435419 or emailing [email protected].


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31st May 2018