Acute Care At Home Team

Caring for you closer to home.

The Acute Care At Home Team is a service designed to prevent unplanned admissions to both acute and community hospitals and reduce length of inpatient stay with early supported discharge for patients aged 18 and over, registered with a Plymouth GP.

The team can provide treatments that may have been started in hospital or by your GP to allow you to remain at home or return home earlier. The team is made up of staff nurses, sisters, and a manager who is also a nurse. We are supported by your GP, the Acute GP service and your hospital consultants.

Although the list of conditions that can be treated at home is growing, not all can be treated in this way. Generally patients that require a hospital bed are too poorly and may need regular medicines and observation by nursing staff - even through the night.

What can I expect from the Acute Care At Home Team?

  • You can expect to have an initial assessment by nursing staff
  • You can expect the same quality of care as if you were in a hospital bed
  • You can expect to be treated by skilled professional staff with a range of skills
  • You can expect to have your treatments explained to you and for us to undertake your care with your agreement
  • You can expect us to monitor your condition at each visit and discuss any concerns we have with both you and a medical practitioner


How long will I be treated for?

The Acute Care At Home Team will look after you for as long as your treatment lasts and while you are well enough to be looked after in your own home or as close to home as possible. Depending on your treatment we can visit as frequently as three times a day.