Therapy Dog - Plymouth Options

Bella the Therapy Dog is a popular member of the Plymouth Options team.

Three-year-old Bella is a popular member of the Plymouth Options team, working as a therapy dog with the dog-phobic. Friendly and gentle, it’s Bella’s temperament that makes her so valuable when helping people to overcome their fears – she takes instruction well and even seems to sense how the client feels in a situation, knowing that they need her to be calm in order to soothe their nerves.

When working with a client Bella will allow them to approach her and work at their own pace. She will happily allow clients to stroke her and, once they’re feeling brave enough, to walk her on a lead. The very lucky will even be offered a paw for a treat! 

Feedback from clients has been very positive and many have thanked Bella for her help in working on their phobias. Being able to get close to and stroke Bella is an important step in overcoming their fear – one client even managed to tickle her chin, something they said they’d never thought they’d ever even want to do!