Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

The Chaplaincy Team are available to those of any faith (or none), to patients, their families and carers, and staff alike. They are also happy to organise the services of other faith leaders, where requested and desired.

There is a small Chapel and multi-faith room adjacent to the main reception at Mount Gould Local Care Centre, which may be used at any time.

The Chaplains regularly visit the wards and any patient requiring Holy Communion or the services of a faith leader may do so through the Chaplaincy or by request of the ward staff. The Chaplains are available to deal with all rites of passage and to offer spiritual care to those in need.

The Chaplaincy Team consists of:

The Lead Chaplain, Revd Simon Leigh, who normally attends on Mondays, Thursdays and at weekends
Sister Margaret Mary (R.C.) who attends on Fridays

Livewell Southwest provides chaplaincy and spiritual care support for the Glenbourne Unit through the Chaplaincy Department at Derriford Hospital, which may be obtained through the Derriford Hospital switchboard on 01752 202082. The Revd Simon Leigh has oversight of chaplaincy services at the Glenbourne Unit and at the Lee Mill Unit.

Revd Dr John Haley covers the Nuffield Hospital on behalf of Livewell Southwest.

The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care department also have a dedicated group of lay and ordained persons who attend Mount Gould Hospital each week. Some are authorised by their denominations to provide the Sacrament (Holy Communion). Each person is clearly identifiable as being a member of the chaplaincy and they will be able to assist patients and their families on request.

Working alongside the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Department is Sue Hopkins, the Bereavement Officer. Sue acts as liaison between the doctors on the wards and bereaved families, ensuring that the necessary documentation and procedures are carried out following a death on the wards.

Please note: The Chaplaincy operates on a part-time basis and there is no cover after 5 PM. An answerphone facility is available via the telephone number 01752 434713.



Service Lead and Chaplain 
Revd Simon H Leigh
Tel: (01752) 434713

Bereavement Officer 
Sue Hopkins
Tel: 07823 533268

Glenbourne Unit & Lee Mill Hospital
Revd Simon H Leigh
Tel: (01752) 202082

Nuffield Hospital
Revd Dr John Haley
Tel: (01752) 434713