Community Respiratory Team


  • Actively identify patients who may benefit from respiratory nurse / physiotherapist intervention.
  • Provide and facilitate the co-ordination of individualised and holistic care for people with respiratory conditions
  • Undertake a respiratory assessment of the patient including; spirometry, pulse oximetry, chest auscultation, and correct inhaler device assessment
  • Maximise therapy
  • Educate patients, and their carers, as to their condition and medication, and how to best manage their condition
  • Prevent unnecessary GP and ambulance calls
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions by early and rapid intervention in acute exacerbations
  • Liaise with secondary care to facilitate early discharge from hospital to the community
  • Provide an accessible Pulmonary Rehabilitation service
  • Provide a Home Exercise programme for housebound patients
  • Provide chest physiotherapy
  • Provide an oxygen assessment service in conjunction with secondary care (Derriford Hospital)
  • Provide a nebuliser assessment service

Referrals via any health professional.


Service Lead: Kirsty Settle

Tel: (01752) 434342

Out of Hours: Answer machine available to take messages, answered next working day.

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