Compassionate Minds - Plymouth Options

Compassion Focused Therapy - groupwork provided by Plymouth Options for adults coping with low self-esteem, self-criticism and difficulties with trust.

Do you have a critical inner voice? Do you judge yourself harshly and compare yourself unfairly to others? Do you find it difficult to be kind and compassionate to yourself? Do you treat others better than you feel able to treat yourself?

If so, a CFT group can be an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the processes that lead us into such unhelpful patterns, so that we might begin to move past them. Through this small structured group, participants with similar issues can learn new skills, gain self-awareness and begin to develop self-worth and compassion to empower them to move beyond issues that might have once stopped them in their tracks.

There will be opportunities to explore personal experiences in the group, should clients wish to, but there will be no obligation to disclose.

The groups will run for 8, 2 hour sessions with a half term break. Each group will have a maximum of 12 participants with 2 facilitators.

The groups will be a mixture of presentation, mindfulness exercises and group discussion. There will be a focus on the evolutionary causes of such difficulties, ways of changing self-destructive patterns and nurturing a capacity for self-compassion and acceptance.

Participants will be expected to engage with homework/extension activities to benefit fully from the course.

Clients who wish to attend a CFT group will need to meet with one of the facilitators for an assessment. This will be an opportunity to work out together if this is the best intervention for them at this time.

If you are interested please fill in an self referral on our main page or call Plymouth Options on 435419 for a form to be sent.

All courses are free of charge and available to people 16 years and over who are registered with a GP surgery in Plymouth.  You need to have an active referral with Plymouth Options to attend.