Employment Support Service - Plymouth Options

Employment Support - when you have an active referral with Plymouth Options then your Options practitioner can refer you to the Employment Support Co-ordinator if you are unemployed and would like to find employment, or if you are in work and feel your job is at risk because of your difficulties.

What to expect from the Employment Support Coordinator

  • Individual assessment of your employment skills, needs and motivation.
  • Individual action plans that will help you achieve employment goals.
  • Ongoing review, update and support. This may involve working with a range of internal and external organisational networks.
  • Support to find work placements and work based training. 
  • Employers and Employees support where you may be at risk of losing employment.
  • Support from Plymouth Options practitioners to deliver a highly supportive and joined up employment service.
  • Raising mental health awareness with employers, training agencies and community organisations.