Glenbourne Unit

Glenbourne is an acute hospital for people suffering from mental health problems aged between 18 - 65 years who cannot be supported at home. These illnesses can include severe depression, manic phases of an illness or distressing psychotic symptoms.

Glenbourne caters for those who have followed the acute care pathway but may be too unwell to be able to be managed by the Home Treatment Team and supported by their families in their own home. This could be because of their level of risk to themselves or others, or the level of assessment needed by professionals (eg, due to changes in medication) which can only be provided in hospital.

After following the acute care pathway, persons can be admitted informally - ie, they recognise they have a need and are agreeing to come into hospital for a limited time, or formally - ie, where they have been assessed by professionals and felt to be in need of further assessment / treatment in hospital but may not have given consent or had the capacity to do so and so may have been detained under a section of the Mental Health Act.

The unit consists of two wards:

Bridford has 22 beds and is the female ward.

Harford has 18 beds and is the male ward.

Ranges of treatments at the unit include:

  • Talking therapies
  • Occupational therapy including mindfulness, relaxation and anxiety management
  • Art therapy
  • Medication education and management

The unit has a holistic approach to a person's care and will work in partnership with the service user to help them manage problems that could be contributing to their hospital admission.

Hospital admission is meant to be short and is provided to stabilise an acute phase of an illness. The person will be discharged home under the care of the Home Treatment Team as soon as possible to carry on with the recovery within the community.