Infection Prevention and Control

In accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, the Infection Prevention and Control Team (IPCT) performs a number of activities to protect patients, staff and visitors from acquiring a healthcare associated infection.

The IPCT work in conjunction with all wards and departments to provide clean, safe and effective care. They also implement a robust annual programme of work to ensure high standards of cleanliness are maintained. The team uses a proactive approach, with the emphasis on being visible on the wards and so making their accessibility for guidance and advice a priority.

The team also:

  • Manage outbreaks
  • Conduct programmes of education which include induction, mandatory and Infection Prevention and Control Liaison Practitioner (IPCLP) training
  • Undertake audit and target surveillance in accordance with Care Quality Commission and Department of Health strategies
  • Formulate policies and procedures to prevent, control and reduce healthcare associated infections
  • Provide specialist advice on all aspects of Infection Prevention and Control care in a timely manner
  • Are involved with refurbishment, new building and equipment projects
  • Work closely with the Director of Infection Prevention and Control, and is part of the Livewell Southwest Infection Control Committee


Help us get it right - if you have any worries or concerns about our Infection Prevention and Control Standards of Care, please contact the team using the information on the right-hand side of this page.

Find out if you're washing your hands correctly with this fun video from Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust:



Personal Protective Equipment Training





Director of Infection Prevention & Control: Dawn Slater

Tel: (01752) 434167