Occupational Therapy - Glenbourne

The team consists of five Occupational Therapists and two Technical Instructors who use a wide range of skills to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment interventions.

Functional assessments take place in hospital, in patients' homes and community settings, and the team use the AMP's (Assessment of Motor and Process skills) when appropriate.

The therapists have a key role in assessing risk and work collaboratively with the wider team to enable timely and successful discharges from hospital.

They provide a therapeutic group programme to aid social and functional recovery and to assess patients mental and physical health.

The team also run a community group that prepares patients for discharge and provides ongoing therapy and support for up to six sessions after discharge.

The team works closely within the wider multi-disciplinary team and provide a range of group work and one to one sessions with patients.


Service lead: Louise Stacey

Tel: 01752 439135

Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm.

Condition Information Links

Acute mental health inpatient setting, therefore a wide range of mental health problems, including:

Bipolar disorder
Learning disabilities
Personality Disorder