Plym Bridge House

Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) promote the mental health and psychological wellbeing of children and young people.  They provide high quality, multidisciplinary mental health services to all children and young people with mental health problems and disorders, to ensure effective assessment, treatment and support, for them and their families.

Plym Bridge House is a Tier 4 tertiary unit run by Livewell Southwest (this means referrals are accepted from specialist comprehensive CAMHS services). It serves the population of 12 to 18 year old young people in Devon and Cornwall, with severe mental health problems or mental illness requiring inpatient admission. Plym Bridge House is a newly built, purpose designed, 12 bedded, general adolescent psychiatric unit at the Plymouth International Business Park at Derriford in north Plymouth which opened 27th June 2011.

Young people are admitted to Plym Bridge House for acute, short-term assessment and treatment. Young people who are admitted present with mental health problems or mental illnesses of such a high intensity and/or risk that their needs cannot be met by their community CAMHS team. Young people can be admitted informally, by parental consent (if under 16) or detained under the Mental Health Act. The overarching principle of the unit is to provide care and treatment for young people in the least restrictive way for the minimum amount of time. For this to be functional, close links are required between the Inpatient Unit and local comprehensive CAMHS services to facilitate smooth admission and for appropriate and timely discharge.

The unit is staffed by an experienced and appropriately trained multi disciplinary staff group which includes: a consultant psychiatrist and other medical staff (doctors), registered nursing staff who have either mental health or children’s nursing qualifications, health care assistants, clinical psychologists, occupational therapist (and assistant), family therapist, teachers and teaching assistants, administration staff and housekeeping staff.

The unit serves the population of four health areas: Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon and Torbay. The service opened on 27 January 2007 in a transitional building at Cotehele on the Mount Gould Hospital site.  

Aim of the Service:

  • To provide acute, short-term assessment and treatment to young people who present with any mental health disorder of such as high intensity and risk that their needs cannot be met within their community
  • The overarching principle of the unit will be to provide care and treatment in the least restrictive way for the minimum amount of time.


Smoking Policy:

Livewell Southwest has a no smoking policy, and smoking is not permitted in our buildings or grounds. This includes e-cigarettes. However, Plym Bridge House has guidelines that are used in order to manage smoking for young people during their stay - this takes place off unit. These guidelines can be requested prior to an admission to the unit.


Virtual Tour:

The following video was filmed and edited by a young person who had been an inpatient of Plym Bridge House.




Service Lead: Janice Cherry, Interim Ward Manager

Plym Bridge House
4 William Prance Road
Tel: (01752) 434543

Visiting Times:
4pm - 9pm (Mon-Fri)
9am - 9pm (Sat-Sun)

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Fernanda Garcia-Costas

Clinical Psycologist and Therapy Lead: Dr. Alex McCahearty