Primary Mental Health Work Team

The Primary Mental Health Work Team is part of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

The Primary Mental Health work team is an early intervention team who are community based across the city of Plymouth. They provide targeted direct clinical work 6-8 sessions.

The team offer consultation which is needs led:

Triangular Consultation: Parent, Professional and Primary Mental Health Worker
This is a solution focused approach incuding an initial meeting followed by a 6 weekly review which uses goal based outcomes to monitor improvement.

Professional Consultation: Group or Individual
This is a solution focused approach which can be a useful tool when a professional is feeling unable to progress with a child and family. Consultation can also be used when considering a request for involvement to the service to ensure that the child presentation is within the criteria and so receives the right service. All members of the team offer consultation; we suggest that this is an important part of the professional’s decision-making process as to whether the presentation is an appropriate part of the request of involvement process.

The team also deliver triangle consultation.

CAMHS Professional Advisory Line 
This is also available on Monday to Friday between the hours of 12:30pm - 1:30pm.
Telephone: 01752 431613.

Training provided to universal services, which includes:

- The Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health (2 day training)
- STORM (2 day training)
- Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board
- Joint delivery of the Incredible Years Parenting Programme
- Bespoke training

Referrals are accepted from any professional working with families (no self-referrals) through Devon Referral Support Services.