Robin Community Assessment Hub

Robin Community Assessment Hub (CAH) is a community based service that has been specifically designed to enable treatment and tests to be completed without the need for a hospital stay.

Based at Mount Gould Hospital, Robin CAH has a team consisting of Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Care staff and an Acute GP. Some, or all of these, may have some involvement in the delivery of your care.

Although the list of conditions that can be treated in the Community Assessment Hub is growing, not all can be treated in this way. Generally, patients that require a hospital bed are too poorly and may need regular medicines and observation by nursing staff - even through the night.

When you are referred to Robin CAH you can expect:

  • To have an initial assessment by nursing staff when you first arrive
  • To be able to decide who treats you - where it is appropriate for your care
  • To be included in discussions in regard to tests and treatment
  • To be kept informed of any delays incurred whilst awaiting tests, treatment or results
  • The same quality of care as if you were in a hospital bed

Robin CAH has the following clinical facilities and capabilities:

  • 9 treatment areas
  • High and low observation capability
  • Capacity for continued assessment and treatment for patients

Investigations include:

  • On-site plain film x-ray
  • Full point of care testing
  • Full range of blood screening
  • ECG
  • Bladder scanning
  • Full range of observations
  • Functional assessment 
  • Mobility assessment

Treatments include:

  • Access to mobility equipment and aids to daily living
  • Review of package of care with necessary amendments made
  • Prescription of medication via FP10
  • Medications rationalisation
  • Oxygen therapy
  • IV rehydration and antibiotics
  • Referral to Livewell Southwest community services and PHNT where necessary

Inclusion criteria:

  • 18 years and over
  • Referral will prevent admission to an acute care setting
  • Suspicion of an acute infection
  • Loss of functional ability
  • Exacerbation in long-term condition
  • Frailty



Service lead: Anna Fort

Referrals: 01752 437777

Robin Community Assessment Hub
Mount Gould Hospital
Mount Gould Road