Severe Eating Disorder Consultation & Assessment Service (SEDCAS)

SEDCAS is committed to promoting recovery in people with eating disorders by working together with colleagues in Livewell Southwest and Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust as well as our colleagues in primary care. This will happen through enhancing the delivery of safe and effective interventions appropriate to the person’s individual stage of their journey to recovery by contributing to the existing services and offering input to patients with moderate to severe eating disorders, as well as providing a strategic and clinical overview to the new Eating Disorder (ED) day service.

SEDCAS will:

  • Join CPA meetings
  • Support development of CPA paperwork
  • Attend/chair professionals only meetings
  • Join assessments
  • Plan admissions and discharges to / from tertiary services with Community Mental Health Teams, EDS, Glenbourne, Derriford
  • Liaise and provide supervision and consultation to wards, teams etc
  • ED focussed community work (GPs)
  • Plan transition with CAMHS
  • Teach
  • Strategic and clinical involvement of EDS Day service
  • Specialist dietetic input