The Arts Therapies / Feelings Team

The arts therapies represent an area of psychotherapy that encourages emotional expression and psychological healing through involvement in a creative process.

In Plymouth, the needs of people with learning disabilities experiencing psychological distress are met by the Feelings Team (based at the Therapy Space, Mount Gould Hospital). The Feelings Team provides specialist counselling, art and music therapy.

Following referral, a period of assessment is offered to ensure the particular approach is suitable for the person and their needs.

Speaking to an arts therapist or specialist counsellor prior to making a referral is recommended, to ensure this is a suitable option and will help to speed the process up.

How we ensure a quality service

The therapeutic goals are reviewed regularly by both the therapist and client. Further evaluation of therapeutic outcomes are measured using the CORE outcomes measure (Clinical outcomes in routine evaluation), which are checked alongside a national benchmarking system.

Finding the Therapy Space

Should you need to find the Therapy Space, a short film was produced with the participation of staff and service users, showing you how to find the Therapy Space on the Mount Gould site (Plymouth Community Healthcare was known as NHS Plymouth until October 2011).



Service Lead: Dot Prout
Head of Arts Therapies & Specialist Counselling

The Feelings Team
Therapy Space
The Veranda
Mount Gould Hospital
Mount Gould Road
Tel: (01752) 435250