Mood Clinic (The)

Living with depression can be stressful for both the individual and their partner, sometimes resulting in strain and tension forming in their relationship.

The aim of Mood Clinic is to help couples work through the impact depression has had on their relationship and to provide an opportunity to express the emotions the situation has evoked; such a guilt, worry or anger, in a safe and confidential setting.

It is an evidence based approached, that works on developing ability to communicate, drawing on the strengths and commitments of the partner, leading to a more supportive relationship. 


Who is the mood clinic for?

The mood clinic is for couples, when either one or both partners suffer from depression.


What happens in the mood clinic?

Initial session: The initial session with be used as an opportunity for the therapist to get to know the couple, gain an understanding of their history and work together to discuss how the therapist may be able to help with their current problems. 

Length of therapy: The number of sessions a couple require is unique to them and their issues, and part of the initial meeting would be to agree on a number of sessions, which we would review at the end of that time. 

During a session: Occasionally a one way screen is used during the session, this allows the therapist to sit in the room with the couple and other team members to observe from behind the screen. This process ensures that the therapist does not miss any more details or information. The session may also be recorded using video or recording equipment, providing both the couple and the therapist with a chance to look back on previous sessions. Both of these things will be discussed with the client before going ahead.