Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)

This is a 90 minute workshop.

PREVENT is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism. The outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Understand Prevent’s aims
  • Think about who may be vulnerable to terrorism
  • See why some people are able to influence others to commit crimes
  • Recognise when a vulnerable individual may be in need of your help
  • Be clear on what help and support looks like in your area
  • Who should you turn to if you have concerns

This workshop was primarily aimed at health staff (HealthWrap) but has now been redesigned to roll out to all other sectors where there could be vulnerable adults or children. It is now mandatory for all front line health staff working with vulnerable individuals, and the government will shortly make this mandatory for all work sectors that may come into contact with vulnerable individuals, including schools, colleges and universities.

Prevent within Education

Within education there will be a number of vulnerable individuals. A vulnerable individual is identified as someone who may have mental health needs, learning difficulties, sensory or physical difficulties, be socially isolated or experiencing domestic abuse. Young people become vulnerable due to a number of reasons. They may be experiencing physical, sexual or emotional abuse. They may be experiencing neglect, a family breakdown or be in foster care. Cyber bullying is also a major risk to young people today and with the internet being a major source of information, the risk of misinformation is high.

Education staff and support workers are an integral part of Prevent’s success because they already have the skills and support at hand that can recognise when someone may become involved in or supporting terrorism, and can help them to make a decision not to carry on that path before a crime is committed.

Prevent is not about criminalising people, but about preventing them from taking that next step into the criminal space.

If you have never heard of Prevent, or wish to know what to do if you think someone is being radicalised or forced into crime, then this workshop is for you.

This course costs from £15 per person. Block booking or up to 30 people is from £250 - please contact us to discuss.