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Severe Learning Disabilities Team

The Severe Learning Disabilties Team is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Consultant Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist and Mental Health Practitioners.

We provide the young person, their families and the network around them the tools to reduce restrictive practice and maximise their potential. We can provide communication strategies and offer support and advice with therapeutic activities within the young person’s environment, and we work alongside a range of other professionals to ensure that families receive the best advice on how to support the young person when they present with distressed behaviours.

We offer Sensory Profile and Acuities of Daily Living assessments, and can also complete other assessments where required. The information from these assessments help to form a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plan. We work with a PBS framework which supports the lessening of restrictive practices and increasing the quality of life of everybody involved.


Severe Learning Disabilities Team

Tel: 01752 435065

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