Paid Work Placements

As a Social Enterprise, Livewell Southwest has a social, ethical and moral responsibility to try to reach out to all sections of our community.  It is a requirement that we not only say we are going to make a difference but we are able to show that we do make a difference. The Social Value Act requires “people who commission, or buy, public services to consider securing added economic, social or environmental benefits for their local area”.


What is a Paid Work Placement?

A Paid Work Placement is an individual who will come into the workplace to fill a new or created vacancy.  This would be for an initial trial period of 4 weeks.  This gives the opportunity for someone who will have a challenging background to come into Livewell Southwest and to learn or re-learn skills, build confidence and feel and be valued.  If this 4 week trial is successful on both the part of the manager and the person on the Paid Work Placement the position will continue for a 6 month fixed term period.


What this means to you

We continue to build good relationships with external organisations like Job Centres, Work Programme Providers, Housing Associations, Military to Civilian transition services along with local and national organisations facilitating access to sustainable employment. These organisations help the local community by sourcing the right people into a Paid Work Placement with a possibility of sustainable employment with a reputable employer, and working together to improve social inclusion for people who would otherwise be left behind in the general labour market because unfortunately many employers see a disadvantaged individual as problematic to employ.