Support For Staff

Each new employee to Livewell Southwest will be informed of their surrounding colleagues and line management structure to support them in their daily working life. Livewell Southwest also has union staff within its Admin Block at Mount Gould Hospital on hand if employees wish to join a union, or seek support through them. All contact details and updates are available to employees via our internal newsletter 'The Weekly Update' distributed weekly and our intranet site (accessible via work-based computers).

Livewell Southwest also has a dedicated HR team, who are on hand to help staff with a range of enquiries. They can also be accessed if a member of staff feels that they wish to speak to an individual outside of their direct work remit. The HR team have working knowledge of employment matters ranging from employment contracts and formal disputes to just needing some quick advice in relation to work-life balance. Their main roles include:

  • Involvement in and developing of strategic workforce initiatives, including organisational development and service change
  • Provision and administration of various benefits, including childcare vouchers, holiday subsidy scheme and a donation scheme called 'Pennies from Heaven'
  • Provision of advice to staff on contract queries and employment matters including HR policies
  • Development of policies, ensuring all are fit for purpose and meet the needs of the organisation.


If your enquiry relates to a workforce policy these can be found on the policies section of this site. Alternatively all staff can access policy information via our staff intranet site. Our intranet also contains other resources, including change forms, leaving forms, appointment forms and guidance notes.


HR Team
Windsor House
Tavistock Road

Tel: (01752) 435024 / 434163

Please note: If your enquiry relates to Recruitment, please contact (01752) 434994 / 435031

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