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CAMHS Neuro-Developmental Team

The CAMHS Neuro-developmental team (NDT) offers assessment to children and young people aged from 5 to 18 years who are suspected to have autism, ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome.

These assessments may take place in clinic, at school, and at home. If we are unable to assess a young person in this way then we may refer them to the Children’s Day Programme (CDP). The CPD is an intensive 8 day assessment that occurs 2 days a week, over 4 weeks. The child/young person will attend the CDP on Tuesdays and Wednesdays instead of going to school.

If a diagnosis is made we offer parenting support and intervention.

We also have a crisis team who provide short term support for young people who have a diagnosis and are open or have previously been open to CAMHS.



CAMHS Neuro-Developmental Team
The Terraces
Mount Gould Hospital
Plymouth PL4 7QD

Tel: 01752 434476

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