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Inspirational buddy stories

I have been battling with weight since I was 15 and was put in a children’s hospital for 3 and a half months on an 800 cal a day diet. They found that I cannot lose weight by diet alone I have to exercise too. I’ve tried all the usual diet clubs and fads but nothing worked long term.

I needed another spinal operation because the nerve was jammed, the consultant said I needed to lose weight before the op. Bearing in mind what the hospital said, I was signposted to the weight management service and went through the program in March 2016. By 1st October 2017 I had lost 5 stone and had my operation, I am still that weight now and I don’t panic if I have a cake or go on holiday because I have the tools to stabilise my weight.


When I first started on weight management I was unfit, so when I started on gym work I was only able to do 3 exercises. So, I was informed to do it slowly which I did.

As I got fitter, I gained my confidence and stopped running myself down, so by the time I had my operation I was doing the circuits 3 times a week and was able to do the 12 exercises twice on each circuit. When I had my operation, I continued to do the exercises until I finished my course.

I now took to doing the walk leaders role, this is GOOD for me as we have a GOOD walk and meet up with other people from the weight management program. I really wish more people would come as I had to start at the beginning, and I would like to pass on my experience and help others.