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Fitness levels and safety

Please listen to or read the joining instructions carefully to ensure it suits your level of fitness and health. If in any doubt, start with the lower level activities or links and build up, particularly if you are not used to exercising.

There are links to a variety of exercise programmes below that we can recommend. Look through them to see which ones interest you and feel at the right level for you.

Please note that Livewell Southwest cannot be responsible for any resulting problems.

Warming up

Make sure you warm up for at least 10 minutes before you start any moderate or vigorous activity. The warm up ensures that your joints are mobilised and that your heart isn’t put under too much pressure too quickly. By raising your heart rate/pulse slowly you allow the arteries that supply your heart with blood enough time to dilate. Online instructors don’t always deliver a warm up so be aware of this and check that the instructor is qualified, there are some recommended online videos below including a warm up video.

Cooling down

Cooling down is just as important as warming up, if you stop exercising suddenly you could feel faint due to the blood not being pumped up to the brain, to stop this from happening keep your feet moving until you feel that your heart rate/pulse has slowed down.

Weight management circuits


Circuit 1:
Approx 30 minutes seated and standing options. Click here to view.

Circuit 2:
Approx 30 minutes seated and standing options. Click here to view.

Carmel’s circuit:
Click here to view.

Seated exercise classes




Other seated classes

12 minute

20 minute

30 minute



Online and face to face classes – cheesy music and movement. Click here

British Heart Foundation exercise ideas

Our Parks


Free online workouts including a 9 week couch to fitness program. Click here.