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Wellbeing at Work

Supporting Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing at Work offer a Wellbeing at Work Awards programme, a Wellbeing Champion programme and Wellbeing Training to Plymouth businesses.

Wellbeing at Work Awards

The Wellbeing at Work Award scheme is a free and flexible programme for businesses based in Plymouth, with more than 25 staff encouraging health and wellbeing to be part of the culture within your organisation.

Workplace Awards framework uses Public Health England and Business in the Community toolkits, which includes mental health, physical activity, healthy eating and healthier weight, musculoskeletal health, domestic abuse, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sleep, and recovery. Wellbeing at Work are commissioned to deliver services to businesses in Plymouth or to those businesses with over 50% of their employees having a Plymouth postcode. 

Bronze Award

Set up wellbeing in your workplace and demonstrate your commitment through a wellbeing steering group, wellbeing champions, a workplace health needs assessment, a health and safety assessment and a wellbeing action plan.

Silver Award

Complete three wellbeing toolkits and assessments.

Gold Award

Complete four wellbeing toolkits and assessments.


Wellbeing Champions

More than 500 Wellbeing Champions are influencing healthy cultures in their workplaces and communities through Wellbeing at Work in Plymouth. Supported and trained in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing.

In any business or community setting, it is essential to have a Wellbeing Champion. Free and easy to access, training is available virtually or in-person or businesses and communities can also benefit from bespoke sessions.

Designed to improve the health and mental wellbeing of others by increasing team morale. This is done by providing practical, supportive health and mental wellbeing messages, distributing relevant information, organising healthy lifestyle projects and social events. Wellbeing Champions will also have access to our quarterly webinars where we share best practice on relevant wellbeing topics as well as updates from Wellbeing at Work.

Wellbeing Training

Wellbeing at Work are commissioned by Plymouth City Council to deliver professional and accredited Wellbeing Training to suit all. Provided through a mixture of virtual and in person packages, majority being free and easily accessible.  Wellbeing Training aims to increase an awareness of mental health and wellbeing to support individuals in their workplaces and communities. For more information on training, find out more here.


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