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This page holds copies of all Livewell Southwest’s workforce related policies. Staff should refer to Livewell Southwest’s internal intranet site for copies of any documents that do not appear on this list.

Adoption Leave & Pay v2.2
Appraisal & Line Management v3:12
Appraisal Paperwork – Record of Staff Appraisal Meeting
Appraisal Paperwork – Line Management Record Template
Appraisal Paperwork – Personal Development Needs Template
Appraisal Paperwork – Secondary Employment Declaration
Bullying & Harassment v2.8 
Career Break v2.5
Disciplinary v5.17
Disclosure & Barring v1.2
Domestic Abuse Employee Support v4.3
Equality & Diversity v2.9
Flexible Working v2
Grievance v3.14
Honorary Contracts, Visitors Declarations & Contracts for Services v1.9
Job Matching & Evaluation v1.6
Leave v2:7
Maintaining High Professional Standards v3.5
Maternity v2.10
Menopause at Work v1
Organisational Change v3.5 
Parental Leave (Unpaid) v1.4
Paternity v1.6
Pay Progression v1.1
Performance Management v3.9
Privacy Statement
Probationary Period v1.10 
Procurement Agreement between Livewell Southwest & Joint Trade Union Forum v2.3
Professional Registration v1.13
Raising Concerns & Speaking Up (Whistleblowing) v3.8
Recruitment & Selection v2.5
Redeployment v2.11
Redundancy v2.6
References v1.6
Relationships at Work v1.4 
Reserve Forces Training & Mobilisation v2.19
Retirement v1.11
Shared Parental Leave (Adoption) v1.3
Shared Parental Leave (Birth) v1.3
Sickness v5.11
Substance Misuse – Drug & Alcohol v5
Trade Union Recognition Agreement v3.4
Volunteering v2.4
Work Experience Placements v1.4
Working Time Regulations v1.8
Workplace Reasonable Adjustments v2.5

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