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Adult Social Care

Livewell Southwest provides a wide range of social care services alongside our health and wellbeing services, which means we can care for the whole person, not individual problems, supporting you to remain independent and safe at home for as long as possible.

If you think you need to talk to a social worker, or have concerns that someone you know needs support to stay well at home, your first contact will be The Advice and Information Service.

This team deals with direct enquiries from the public, housing organisations, police, primary care and other agencies. The team provides advice and guidance to people who may need care, support or treatment to prevent further deterioration.

They can help you to use all the relevant help available, such as specialist advice about as housing, benefits, health and wellbeing, training and help at home. Groups like Citizen’s Advice and Plymouth Age UK provide a lot of this type of help.

The Advice and Information service will also look at the help and friends can provide, and they may decide that a social care assessment is required.

If so, they’ll contact the Locality Social Work teams located teams across Plymouth. They carry out assessments for adults with physical or mental impairments, illnesses and disabilities, and supporting adults to live full independent lives in accordance with their wishes and preferences.

Hospital Discharge teams assess people who are well enough to leave hospital, or who are in a temporary care setting after a stay in hospital. They work with healthcare colleagues to make sure the right support is in place to get people home safely where they can continue their recovery.

The Complex Review and Transitions team works with adults and young people in transition to adulthood who are living with a range of disabilities and long-term conditions. The team typically supports those who may have a combination of learning disabilities, developmental disorders and/or mental health difficulties and the goal is to support them to take greater control over their lives.

The Adult Safeguarding team is a specialist team of social workers involved where there is suspected abuse or neglect of an adult with care and support needs.

The Community Crisis Response team works to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital for adults with a range acute health issues. These social workers work in teams with healthcare colleagues and play a key role in helping to keep people in their own homes.


Social care and support guide

If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living because of illness or disability, you may find this social care and support guide useful, click here to view. 


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