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The Cotehele Unit offers inpatient care for people, mainly over the age of 65, who have functional mental health issues and are experiencing the worst phase of their illness. Examples of functional mental health issues could include depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders or anxiety.

We provide a comfortable, clean and, above all, safe environment where people are respected and included in decisions about their mental health care. Our multi-disciplinary team offer daily support and therapeutic activities aimed at boosting people’s independence and self-esteem ahead of their return to the community.

We want people to leave the Cotehele Unit feeling positive and supported, which is why we work with a range of agencies in the wider community who can continue their care.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy supports people to achieve or maintain as much independence in doing things they want or need to be able to do in their lives. This includes all areas of everyday life including things like getting washed and dressed, cooking and shopping.

Every person admitted to Cotehele has access to the therapeutic group program provided by Occupational Therapy and other mental health professionals on the ward. Groups to support people in their recovery include:

  • Skills-based groups (e.g. cooking, gardening and relaxation);
  • Educational and reflective groups (e.g. Coping Skills, Compassionate Mind, Wellness Recovery Action Plan, and Mental Health Awareness);
  • Leisure groups based on current inpatients’ interests (e.g. walking, arts and crafts, reading);
  • Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Psychology, Chaplaincy and a Pets as Therapy Dog are just a few examples of other services that are provided on the ward or via referral.

Some people may also require specialist one-to-one Occupational Therapy assessment and support. The need for one-to-one OT is explored on and throughout admission to the Unit and involves discussion with the person (and family if appropriate), the OT, and the rest of the team at the Unit to see if this could be helpful. OT assessment and treatment is then planned with and tailored to the individual needs of the person and may take place on the Unit, in the community or in the person’s own home


Information for patients & carers

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For general enquiries, or to be directed to a specific service or individual, please contact our switchboard on 01752 435502.