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Physical Activity

COVID-19 Information

Please click here to view an update from the Weight Management team regarding service provision during COVID-19. Click here for further support during COVID-19.

Please read this before attempting these exercises

Normally it is advised that if you have health concerns you consult your doctor before trying new exercises. This is probably not possible during the coronavirus lockdown so please use the following advice to ensure your safety and enjoyment of these exercises. Please note that Livewell Southwest cannot be responsible for any resulting problems.

  • Do not do these exercises if you feel unwell. 
  • Do discontinue these exercises if you start to feel unwell.
  • Do ensure you have had the appropriate medication (e.g. inhalers, pain relief) and if you have diabetes it is well managed beforehand.
  • Do not exercise into pain; discontinue any exercise that is painful.
  • Do stop and rest during the exercise as you need to.
  • Do not exercise too soon after a meal.
  • Do wear loose and comfortable clothing and flat, supportive shoes.
  • Do exercises that feel comfortable and the right pace for you; please do not force any movements that are not comfortable.
  • Do consider the seated class if you have impaired balance.
  • Do use a supportive chair when doing the sitting exercises.


Try and aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity 5 times a week which can be in 10 minute bursts for the health and psychological benefits of being active. Stand up every hour to move around. Please see other links on this website for other classes possibilities or ideas. 

Don’t forget the housework, gardening and going for a walk all count!

Keep active and safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Sarah Macpherson and Carmel Marner (MCSP)

Physiotherapy led weight management classes


There are 4 videos to try of differing lengths. There are 3 seated classes of varying lengths – approximately 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. This allows you to choose the most appropriate for you and progress if you like. The fourth video is a progression again to a standing circuit.

12 minute seated class

20 minute seated class

30 minute seated class

Carmel’s circuit

Home exercises


Recommendations aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity, 5 times a week to help keep fit and healthy. Here are some more ideas for things to do at home.

Seated warm up and stretches
Less activity can lead to increased stiffness in joints and muscles, so try these daily stretches to look after posture and flexibility. Click here to view.

Home circuit
There is a standing or seated option to help with strength, posture and cardiovascular fitness. Click here to view.

For back flexibility and stretch exercises, click here to view.

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