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Looked After Children

Children in Care Nursing Team

The team of Nurses for Children in Care comprises of a Named Nurse and five Specialist Nurses.

Our aim is to improve the health outcomes for all children and young people in the care of Plymouth Local Authority, who can come into the care system with a range of unmet health needs. Research has indicated that timely interventions can improve their health outcomes.


Initial Health Assessments

All children and young people who come into care are offered an Initial Health assessment by a paediatrician with a specific interest in, and knowledge of, children in care. This should take place within 20 working days of the child entering care.

The initial health assessment results in a health plan, which includes referrals if required, and formulates an action plan to ensure health needs are addressed. Specialist nurses are involved in following up health concerns.


Review Health assessments

Review Health assessments (RHAs) should be undertaken twice a year for children in care aged under 5 years, and annually for children and young people aged 5 years and over. In Plymouth, these are undertaken by the Children in Care nursing team for ages 0 – 17 years. The nurses contact the foster carers and/or the young people to arrange these at a time and venue convenient to the young person and carer.

Specialist nurses can undertake specific work with any young person in care if there is a need for continuing involvement and intervention, liaising with other professionals working with the young person.


Care Experienced

The Specialist Nurses can work with young people aged 18 to 25 who have left care but who require some additional support with their health.

Every young person aged 17 is given a health passport with relevant information, such as birth details, NHS number and a summary of their health history.



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