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Accessible Information

The Accessible Information Standard is a law to make sure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss are given information they can easily read or understand.

The Accessible Information Standard tells healthcare, NHS and adult social care organisations they must make sure people get information in different formats such as:

  • Easy read
  • Braille
  • Via an advocate
  • In British Sign Language (BSL)
  • In large print
  • Email

NHS England has worked with the charity Sense to develop an animated video which provides a step-by-step overview of the Standard. The video includes subtitles and BSL interpretation.

They’ve also produced an overview of the Accessible Information Standard for patients, service users, and carers.

The Standard requires Livewell Southwest to do 5 things:

  1. Record those needs clearly and in a set way.
  2. Ask people if they have any information or communication needs and how we can meet these.
  3. Highlight or flag the person’s file or notes so it is clear they have communication needs and how to meet these needs.
  4. Share our knowledge of a person’s information or communication needs with other providers of NHS and adult social care services when we have consent or permission to do so.
  5. Take steps to make sure people receive information that they can access and understand and that they are given communication support if they need it.

If you or an individual you care for requires any information in a different format, for example in large print, braille, easy read or via email, please speak with a member of staff within the service you are in contact with. We can also provide support to help you communicate with a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, deafblind manual interpreter, or an advocate.

You can find more information about the Accessible Information Standard on the NHS England website.

Website accessibility

Livewell Southwest has applied a ReachDeck toolbar to its website which provides a screen reading tool. This can be accessed using the orange logo at the bottom left hand side of the website pages.

For any further information or support regarding the website and accessibility, please email the Comms Team.

Accessible Information Standard