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Taking Part in Research

What is it like to take part in research?

Here is some feedback from participants that took part in our recent mental health studies:

RADAR Study (Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation and Reduction)

Personally the results of RADAR will help me to reduce my medication, whilst reducing the exposure to relapse. There is also the reward from knowing that the study will help others in a similar situation to my own. They will provide support to the decision making process one way or another, giving the patients confidence to trust the results of the research.

As someone who was never prescribed any medication prior to having a mental health problem, when I was given my first prescription to treat me for the duration of 28 days, I had convinced myself I would be better, rather naively, by the time I got to the end of this script. Never would I have thought that over 10 years later, I would have made a significant number of changes to my livelihood and still be taking medication.

My mental health recovery has taken a number of years to, primarily find the right medication to treat my symptoms and then secondary, find the right diagnosis. There have been a number of obstacles to this recovery, building trust whilst acutely ill has often taken longer than necessary. If I had access to the results of the studies such as the RADAR study, then this would really help the decision making process and reassure you in the longer term that you have made the right decision.

When time with psychiatrists is often limited, there is often only enough time to discuss, the short to medium term of taking medication (a daily, weekly, or monthly basis). The results of the RADAR study will give long term knowledge for mental health professionals to discuss with their patients. Thus helping the prescriber of medication and the patient to be reassured that they won’t necessarily be on this medication forever.

Understanding Experiences of Feeling Exceptional: A Clinical Questionnaire Study

In verbalising my experience and imparting some knowledge of the subject of the research I found that it helped me to gain further insight and I felt good to perhaps shed some light on it with the hope that others would benefit from my participation in the future.

The experience of the research was particularly good in that it allowed me to talk openly about my condition to the two researchers who were friendly, sympathetic and knowledgeable about the subject, who also valued my contribution. I enjoyed sharing. 

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If you are interested and want to know more or would like to be involved in research please contact us on [email protected] or telephone 01752 434498.

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Previous Study Results

Dementia research feeding into practice for patient benefit

IDEAL:  Improving the Experience of Dementia and Enhancing Active Life

This study, running since 2014 is part of the IDEAL programme, completing in December 2023. This sought out the real, lived experiences of those with dementia and their families/carers.  Dr Joardar, Consultant and Clinical Lead for the OPMHS (Older People Mental Health Service) was the lead of this project for Livewell’s Memory Service.

Results are now published in articles and available through this link.  A toolkit has also been developed to help people with dementia and their families/carers.  It is a free resource to all and paper versions are available.

This research, possible due to the generosity of those living with dementia sharing their experiences, is now able to influence and enhance professionals’ practice and resulted in helpful resources.  This is research in practice!

Any queries, contact the Ideal study team directly [email protected] or your local research team at Livewell Southwest, [email protected].

Research Benefits in MS study (SUMS, Standing Up in Multiple Sclerosis) – 6 years on!

This study showed the benefit of a standing frame for people with MS and impacted positively on functional abilities and quality of life.

Parent Carer Wellbeing Study

Livewell Southwest are proud to have supported this research study to enable parent carers to report their experiences in their role as carers.  It is looking to understand the impact on them and aims to develop better support.  Over 700 people have contributed and results are being gathered and will be published in due course.   Do have a look at the videos made by parent carers involved in setting up this study.

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